Happy Homemaker Monday, A Glorious Morning

Happy Monday! It’s a cool September morning around here. And with my husband at work, plus both boys at school, I have a quiet house to myself. So I’m sitting here with the windows open, drinking my coffee, and working on this post.   

Did you add that glorious morning bit to your title just so you could add this picture of your morning glories?  Yes, yes I did. Aren’t they glorious? I waited a long time for these blooms!  Okay, now let’s get back to the serious business of planning the week ahead. Happy as always to join with Sandra’s blog for her fabulous, inspiring and encouraging link up. Check it out here: Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather In My Neck Of The Woods

I mentioned above this morning it’s picture perfect out there. A bit chilly but the sun is shining and it’s 62 degrees. Later today and this week, low to mid 80’s with a slight chance of rain for the weekend.

Things That Make Me Happy

All the late-blooming wildflowers growing along the side of the roads. Sunflowers, goldenrod, yellow cone flowers, lots of others I couldn’t identify.

Book I’m Reading

Still reading A World In Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order by Richard Haass. It’s interesting and refreshingly non-partisan.

What’s On My TV Today

Not sure. Need to see if any new fall shows premiere this week.

On The Menu For Dinner

A carry-over meal: ham steaks, sweet potatoes, maybe salads and tomatoes. Might make a dessert.

On The Menu This Week

MONDAY: See above

TUESDAY:  Popcorn shrimp, baked potatoes or maybe rice, salads, garlic toast *G has early band practice*

WEDNESDAY:   Chicken legs, salad *I work 9:00-12:30* *MNO*

THURSDAY:  Roast in crock pot made into BBQ sandwiches, frozen French fries *G has evening band practice*

FRIDAY: OUT  (we’ll eat at the high school football game) *I work 7:45-12:30* *Football game*

On My To-Do List

  1. The usual: Clean out fridge, grocery store, laundry
  2. Make another list (ha!) of home projects to-do
  3. Mow the lawn
  4. Pay a few bills
  5. Work on some blog stuff (edit photos, blog post ideas)
  6. Get things together for charity truck donation

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try Soon

Thinking of trying to make my late aunt’s bread pudding recipe using cinnamon bread.

In The Craft Basket

I might have something once I make my big to-do list of home projects.

Looking Forward To

A peaceful, quiet day spent at home. (Except for the side trip I must take to the grocery store!)

Tips And Tricks

Sometimes I take a cotton ball (or damp paper towel wadded up…more likely around here) and add several drops of peppermint and lemon to it. Then, place it in one of the car vents. Makes a refreshing scent to help wake up on tired mornings.


My husband and I took a belated 20th anniversary trip to Roaring River State Park last weekend. 

Lesson Learned The Past Few Days

Our kids might be okay.  The boys stayed home alone.  We arrived home to find the house still standing (whew!) and the cat alive (sigh of relief!) as well as two kids who were perfectly fine without us (tears!). Next time we might leave them a few ground rules about having friends staying over (thankfully, they’re all good kids so no funny business or they were smart enough to hide any evidence at least).

Also, I learned it might be important to check the cell phone coverage of a location before traveling out-of-town. No cell service (at least on our network) in the park! We had to drive 7 miles into town to call the kids. We did stay at the parks lodge and conference center so we were able to give the boys the landline number to our room in case of an emergency.

On My Mind

Still thinking (I should be doing!) about getting the house all cleaned and cleared out for the fall/winter seasons. Overhead a man in Target last week telling his son that the Farmer’s Almanac predicted this to be one of the worst winters in history. Don’t they always say that?

Quote For The Week

This seems appropriate given the significance of tomorrow’s date:

United we stand, divided we fall. (Aesop)

I will certainly never forget taking a walk with my 4 month old son, 17 years ago, stopping to chat with neighbors about a plane “accidentally” flying into one of the world trade towers. Returning from my walk, flipping the TV back on and discovering the news about the second plane and how none of it was an accident.


What’s on your agenda for the week ahead?




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18 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, A Glorious Morning

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Let me start, Jean, by saying that your morning glories are absolutely glorious! (I’m you hadn’t realized that, so someone needed to tell you!) 😀 Just kidding! They really are beautiful, as are all the wildflowers that you mentioned. You should make another trip to the park. It’s ablaze with color right now…yellow, purple, pink, and blue! So pretty!

    Your trip to Roaring River sounds wonderful! Sounds like you had a nice time and YEAH! The kids survived! Happy Anniversary to you and your dh! <3 <3

    Summer is winding down and our summer adventure will soon come to a close but the friendship will go on forever! 🙂 Have a great week ahead, my friend! Blessings! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      I bet your park is beautiful right now. We did stop in a conservation area that had quite a few wildflowers, I loved taking it in a bit. Wish I knew the names of a few more of the wildflowers. We had a great time at Roaring River no thanks to the trout who did not cooperate very well. I did finally catch one on Sunday morning but we were not fishing to keep then. Maybe I’ll get lucky when they stock the lakes up here this winter (I bought a trout stamp thinking I was being so smart and saving money, totally forgetting you buy a trout tag each day in the park). Yes, I certainly treasure your friendship…so glad to have met you in blog land and then in the “real” land down at your park 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  2. LeeAnna Paylor

    now this is a great way to get to know people!!! So glad I found this link party. I like your style. Glad the house was standing, hope America continues standing, think cinnamon bread makes wonderful bread pudding and wish I had some right this minute. Comfort food. Leeanna at not afraid of color

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Glad you decided to join in the fun. I ended up making vanilla wafers instead of bread pudding today. Stumbled across the recipe as I was going through my mother’s recipe box and decided to give it a try. They were a hit although next time I need to cook them a bit longer. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday.

  3. Mrs. Laura Lane

    I love having a quiet house to myself. I enjoy late summer wildflowers. We have the same type growing along the roads here in southern Missouri. We live a couple hours from Roaring River.

    I heard the news on the radio. I was driving to the dog groomer’s shop. I couldn’t believe my ears or later my eyes.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Jean Post author

      The wildflowers along the road are so pretty. I always want to stop and go see them or take a picture. Of course, it’s not really prudent to do that while traveling on the Interstate so I just get to enjoy them out the window of the car. Roaring rive is such a beautiful place, wonder if we’d go more often if we lived closer. 9-11 was such a sad time…always makes me stop and reflect at this time of year. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Tamy

    Glad you’re enjoying your quiet morning with some time to yourself. I can’t wait to be able to have the windows open or better yet sit on the back porch with my tea while I write up my morning post – just 3 weeks away!! Your morning glories are so pretty.

    Interesting sounding book ESPECIALLY non-partisan books are hard to find. I will never forget 9/11 as I got ready for work – we were on the west coast and I had to leave shortly after the first plane for a 30 mile canyon drive so did not hear the rest of the news until I got to the bottom of the canyon – so surreal!

    Have a wonderful week my friend.

    1. Jean Post author

      Your migration (is that what you called it?) will be here before you know it. A good friend gave me the morning glory seeds. This is the first time I’ve ever had luck with them! The book is interesting, I really like that it’s written in pretty straight forward language. The author isn’t trying to impress by throwing a bunch of big words around (pet peeve) but just outlining current policies and policies he thinks the US (and other countries) should follow moving forward focusing on nuclear weapons, trade, and borders to name a few. Hope you have a great week as well!

  5. Lucie

    Bread-pudding! I need to make one, thanks for the reminder.

    I remember 911… was prepping Halloween costumes for the kids and neighbor called to say 1 plane had crashed … then 2nd one hit… I was so worried with the kids at school in another town. I just wanted my family around me.

    1. Jean Post author

      I got sidetracked today and made “French Vanilla Wafers” (not sure why they were called French vanilla wafers…but that’s what my mother had written on the recipe card). Perhaps I’ll tackle the bread pudding tomorrow. Seems I’m on a baking kick. That must have been terrifying with your kids away in another town. Hope you have a great week!

  6. Sherry Jolly

    I just LOVE morning glories! Every summer I plan to plant them to climb up my fence and every year it doesn’t get done 🙁 I also love the black-eyed Susans!!! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Jean Post author

      This is the very first year I’ve ever had the morning glories I planted actually bloom! I planted them a bit late so who knows maybe that was the secret? The black-eyed Susan flowers just sort of show up in my flower garden when they want, LOL! One year, I planted them and no flowers. One year, I didn’t bother and there they were. Hope you have a great week as well!

  7. Billie Jo

    Pretty pretty flowers!
    Glad you are enjoying the quiet time in the morning.
    I remember exactly what I was doing that terrible morning as well.
    My Peyton was a baby and we were playing on the floor.
    This week is a quiet one here.
    Tomorrow I have schooling, laundry, and ironing.
    Luckily, I enjoy them all!
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I have a hummingbird that is enjoying my flowers as well. Unfortunately, he’s a bit camera shy. I think we all remember exactly what we were doing on that terrible morning. Hope you are enjoying your quiet week so far.

  8. Hooks and Needles

    Hi Jean, I love your morning glories, so bright & pretty. I enjoy reading your planning posts though I’ve stopped mine, I just felt overwhelmed. It’s good to have a plan so I just use my diary at the moment to spread the load throughout the week.
    Here in the UK remembering 9/11 – I remember walking to the shops with my eldest in his pushchair, the shops were deserted and having not listened to the news, I asked where everyone was. My heart went out to families in the US, terrible suffering that fateful day. A year later my second son’s due date was for 9/11 & the shocked looks people gave me was weird. He was born later in the month but seriously, how strange! My prayer would be for peace in the hearts of all men, not in a wishful way but for a way that empathy, respect and love etc is the norm before rage takes hold of peoples hearts and minds.
    Cathy x

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Planning posts can get a bit overwhelming. I like this particular style since it sort of covers a little bit of everything and makes it fun to look back on at the year’s end. One of my late aunt’s birthdays fell on September 11, I think. That’s a wonderful prayer. Seems (at least over here) so many veering away from those traits. A little bit of all that goes a long way. Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I decided to make the bread pudding today. Wondering if it will be a hit with the family. Been a while since I’ve had bread pudding as well, actually I think I’ve only attempted to make it one or two other times (though never with cinnamon swirl bread).

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