Five On Friday: A Random Week At Home

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t work for an entire week without being on a vacation. It’s been a bit of an adjustment.

Sort of like adjusting to fall. Sometimes it looked like the new season but it still felt like summer. As mixed up as this branch on the neighbor’s oak tree. 

So while I wait for the phone to ring before giving up and actually cleaning the house, here’s a random Five on Friday from my week.

ONE: Cat

We’re trying to readjust her schedule a bit. The four a.m. wake up calls are getting old. She’s not happy but my husband is hoping if we make her stay inside until daylight, she’ll stop the incessant complaining about the humans not opening the door in the wee hours of the morning.

TWO: Books About Cats 

Did read another book on my 18 for 2018 book list. Requested it from the main library and quite a relic arrived at my local branch for pick up.   Remember checking books out of the library like this? If you do, you probably also remember microfiche as well *shudder* Let’s all take a moment and in this case, say: Thank you, modern technology!

THREE: Speaking of Modern Things, I Attempted A Selfie

Used the actual camera so I’m not sure it counts. Also, stepping way out of my comfort zone sharing it on here.  While reading Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure, I realized I’d been getting pretty lazy in the whole getting ready for the day thing. So I’m trying to do a bit better.

Fixed my hair and put on make-up on Tuesday. (Please ignore the background, no idea how to make it prettier without moving to a new house and that’s not likely to happen.)

FOUR: Pass the pumpkin, please

So, this summer loving person must confess. I made pumpkin muffins to start the week on Sunday. In my defense of that, my nephew stayed over and he likes pumpkin muffins. Then, on Tuesday…for the potluck edition of our Bunco group: I took pumpkin spice cookies! 

I adapted an old pumpkin chocolate chip recipe saved from a PTA leadership magazine. I may share the recipe later when it’s truly the fall season. Oh, that’s in two days isn’t it? Maybe I’ll share the recipe next week.

FIVE: One Final Summer Hike

Since I thought today was going to be rainy and cool (it’s not), I took a hike at a local nature center yesterday. Soaked in that tiny last bit of summer weather before things change. 

This guy also wanted to soak up some of that late summer sunshine.  And a quick forest “bath” so check another item off my summer bucket list (kind of…I wanted to take the kids for that one but school started too soon for us all). 


Fall starts on Sunday. How did you spend your “official” last week of summer? Wonder how many of you are going to answer by saying decorating for fall 😉

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6 thoughts on “Five On Friday: A Random Week At Home

  1. Billie Jo

    Well Hello there!!!!
    I love your selfie!!!
    So nice to see you!!!!
    And yep. It is time for all things pumpkin. : )
    Your cookies look amazing.
    Peyton made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today.
    I am going to have one with some coffee now.
    Happy Fall!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! They weren’t too bad though I’m debating if they needed the white chocolate chips. I love pumpkin chocolate chip muffins in the fall, time to stock up on pumpkin! Happy Fall to you as well!

  2. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hello my Dearest Jean! I’ve been missing you 😉

    Happy Autumn Equinox today too!! So of course I love your all things pumpkin as I’m in that mode too. And I hope you can get the kitty thing under control now too.

    I’m finally getting back to the blogging game so wanted to pop in and see at least some of your recent adventures. Love he hikes you’ve been taking!! And of course, even though I’ve been fortunate enough to see you in person, I love that you’re sharing your beautiful self with others too!! You look so pretty and I can tell all that you’re just as lovely on the inside too.

    Have a blessed weekend!! xoxo
    carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..More Fall and Tater Tot Egg BakeMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, thank you! The cat seems to be adjusting, thinking the cooler temps made her think being inside a little longer wasn’t so bad. Glad you’re making your way back into the blogging world. Hope you have had a great weekend so far!


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