A Random Five On Friday

Hoping the Five on Friday link up returns soon. I do miss it. Of course, I also understand the need to take a blog break.

Meanwhile, I’m randomly putting up my own Five on Friday posts. Today’s post is a random collection from the week.

ONE: Tomorrow is National Coffee Day!

Did you know? I had no idea about it when I purchased this: 

My local grocery store carries my favorite soap (from a local company located here in KC!). And last week, they offered a great gas discount if you purchased a bar of it. Couldn’t say no to that deal! And yes, it smells as amazing as you think.  Will you be drinking coffee tomorrow?  I plan on it.

TWO: How Not To Make Banana Bread

I had this not so brilliant (after all) idea to make the cake-like banana bread my husband likes on Wednesday. It tastes like cake so why not just make it in a bundt pan? It will look great on the table and make these beautiful slices of banana bread. Except, no it does not.  Stuck in the pan. Certain cakes (and breads, ha) do not do well in bundt pans, something to do with the density. I’ll stick with a loaf pan next time.

THREE: Home Organizing

My work’s been slow. Second week in a row at home. It’s giving me a chance to catch up on some projects, like clearing out the linen closet. 

I’m working on a few shelves at a time. I started with the “stuff” shelves. It’s nice having all the first aid supplies in one place again (and the expired items gone).

Four: Feng Shui’d My Desk Yesterday (I really need to go back to work soon!)

Not perfect and not quite done but so far, I like it!

FIVE: Fresh Flowers For September!

One of my 18 for 2018 items:  

Buy fresh flowers for the table once a month. I’ve not been too bad at keeping up with it. I do think I might have missed August.  Didn’t want to pass up these bouquets (I stuck two together) on Monday! Decided they looked better by the window instead of on  the kitchen table.  And, they also smell amazing! Sniff: 


How has your week gone?

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4 thoughts on “A Random Five On Friday

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m really happy I took the time to do it. So far I really like it, just having the clutter (mostly) cleared off is wonderful! We won’t talk about the inside of the desk 😉 Happy Monday to you!

  1. LeeAnna Paylor

    oooo the scratch and sniff on computer worked just fine! Those smell amazing!
    I love to sort and organize, to pull it all out and go through and put like with like. Then I know how to answer when my husband yells “where’s the whatever???” ” It’s in the cabinet with the other whatevers!”

    We did some of that when moving in here. The problem is in remember what drawer or door leads to it.
    Jean, I’d love you to join us on I Like Thursdays if you ever want to let me know!

    1. Jean Post author

      I think remembering where things went once I start organizing things is half the problem around here. May just take you up on that offer 🙂


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