Adjusting Our Home Atmosphere To Hygge

Realized this morning I have an ABC thing going on with the house. Sort of. I’m focusing on clearing the clutter,  Feng Shui, and now Hygge.

CHF? Sounds like radio station call letters. Tune your station to CHF48 (I’d probably be on an AM station because I’m just not that cool) and listen. Or just read my posts since I don’t do the whole podcasts thing.

Yesterday, I stated the plan to focus on the Hygge Manifesto presented in Meik Wikig’s Little Book Of Hygge. First item on the list: atmosphere! Time to grab the space helmet and go.

“Turn down the lights. Bring out the candles.”  

Current atmosphere this morning:

My pretend candles are going strong! Last year for Christmas, J gave me some battery operated pillar candles. I’ll add in my other candles after I’m home for the afternoon. A bit of classical relaxation radio playing on Pandora. It’s a start.

Had to make a Target run. Spent too much time and money in store. Just me? Debated several home decor items but ultimately, I knew the fall decor in the basement bin must come out first. Yes, I’m behind on the fall decorating.

Did I make any Hygge influenced purchases at all? Just a new sheet set for J’s bed. And the world’s ugliest lamp. On accident, I thought it was a cool plasma lamp on clearance. Nope. Just an ugly bare-bulb much too bright thing. At least, I get to make another Target trip to return it.

Walked out of Target and the seasons changed whilst I was in the store. Dreary, cool, and overcast became sunny and hot. Hot enough to turn on the a/c again.

Current atmosphere this afternoon:

A bit less relaxed. Attempting to wash the new sheets and get them on J’s bed before he arrives home. Not going to happen. Husband came home to work and is making noise, walking in and out of the house. Seem to be losing that Hygge feeling.

Maybe some time outside will help?  I do have these to help with whole atmosphere thing for future hygge:   Visions of bouquets of cut flowers right out of my own backyard are dancing in my head.

The hygge atmosphere is definitely not an overnight accomplishment as much as my impatient self wants it to be. How long do you think it takes to create the atmosphere for hygge?





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