Maintaining A Constant Hygge Atmosphere: Is It Possible?

Yesterday left me with questions. 

After working outside in the yard, I felt better. Well, except for the blister on my thumb. Forgot to wear my gloves while raking!

We had a somewhat simple dinner of chicken strips and French fries. The family came and sat at the table together, eating, and talking (sometimes harder to accomplish than you might imagine). I stood to the side still finishing up the chicken (might have made a bit too much).  Seemed warm and comforting for a moment.

Made me ponder, however, as I returned to arguments about bedtime and showers with a certain teenager, is hygge a fleeting feeling? Something to acknowledge on arrival but not necessarily a constant state of mind?

 Did a little shopping today.

Had to take a return to Target and buy shoes to go with my dress for Saturday’s wedding. Two of my very least favorite activities. Decided to reward myself for getting the yucky shopping tasks done (FYI: I know many friends love to go shoe shopping. I despise it with a passion.).

Took in a few favorite stores: Half-price books (struck out!), Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and World Market.

Since I had an ample supply of coupons, I decided to add a bit to the Hygge atmosphere with a new candle. Treated myself to a new Woodwick candle. They’ve always intrigued me. 

Smells great (this scent, I personally didn’t care for the pumpkin scent in store) and makes the promised crackling noise. I predict more of these candles in our home in the future.

And added a little more lighting to our living room: 

Thought the lighted leaves were fun. However, I framed the angle of the first shot like that for a reason.  Kitchen table is a mess. Realizing for Hygge, you first need clean.

It’s a bit  harder to find hygge in a messy house. Why do all the good things in life require me to clean my house?  UGH.

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4 thoughts on “Maintaining A Constant Hygge Atmosphere: Is It Possible?

  1. Rebecca Knox

    LOL! I hear you, Jean! I think that’s why we’re admonished to be content in WHATEVER state we find ourselves! 😀 I love the lighted leaves! I think I need some of those! Am so thankful that fall has arrived, but will be glad when the temperatures catch up and stay caught up! Blessings for a beautiful day! Is it raining your way? It is here! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      Very true. The fall temps came back to our area. I thought it was going to warm up today but I’ve been freezing all day! And my “mean” husband said no to turning the heat on in October (apparently, it’s not that cold). No rain yet, last weather forecast I saw said 100% chance over night starting at midnight. I know we need it but I’m hoping it’s a nice day and clear tomorrow night for the band’s senior night and not raining in the afternoon during my sister-in-law’s wedding. Then, next week it can rain all it wants. Hope you’ve had a terrific Thursday!

  2. LeeAnna Paylor

    that last question has me laughing. I know, right???
    Haven’t heard of those crackling candles but I like the idea, and the leaves lights are so pretty. I used to love shoe shopping til I got old feet. They showed up one day and now I need to wear comfortable shoes which seldom look chic. I always channel Cybil Shepherd who wears sneakers under her ball gowns.

    1. Jean Post author

      I love the idea of sneakers under ball gowns! If you enjoy candles, they are amazing. Hope you’re having a great Thursday. Will have to hop over and see what you are liking today. Still planning on joining your link up one day soon 🙂

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