How I Would Add Hygge To Starbucks

Spent most of my day in Starbucks drinking coffee and catching up with a good friend. Is it me or does time disappear in those places? Something in the coffees? Or the pumpkin spice lattes?

I arrived early (rare) while my friend ran a bit late. As I sat enjoying my pumpkin spice latte and maple pecan muffin, I thought about how I would change the interior to make it more Hygge.  

I’m only applying these thoughts to the Starbucks location we frequented this morning. In this area, most Starbucks vary as greatly as their seasonal coffee selection.

With coffee brewing and bakery treats plus comfy chairs in the corner by the windows (a bit of a “hyggekrog” aka loose translation to cozy corner), this Starbucks already has a bit of the Hygge vibe going.  The rest of the store includes the standard long wooden tables both the four person and long work meeting kind. Plus a couple of high bar type tables and chairs near the counter.

Things I’d Add To The Store To Increase The Hygge Atmosphere:

  • Candles, of course! Just a few small ones in the center of each table. The battery operated kind since I wouldn’t want a fire starting in my favorite coffee shop!
  • An electric fireplace. That might just be because I’ve been freezing all day. Still I think they could put one in the location of some product display and then display the product around the mantle & fireplace.
  • A basket of blankets by comfy chairs for chilly customers. Maybe with a note that they wash them daily (My inner germophobe is talking here…)
  • More comfy chairs at the wooden tables.
  • Maybe some plants hanging by the windows. In fairness, they might have plants in there that I’ve never noticed because I’ve been too busy debating pumpkin spice vs. salted caramel.

Of course, just catching up with a good friend while enjoying my coffee and muffin was hygge enough.

NOTE: This is post number 3 in my 31 Days series of A Month Of The Hygge Manifesto. Read the first post here.

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