Posting In Advance To Observe Presence

The upcoming weekend is not a stay home, wear fuzzy socks, and drink tea kind of event. Instead, we have senior night for our high school marching band kid, a wedding on Saturday afternoon, and a birthday celebration on Sunday.

And I’m working all day on Friday!

I could probably go on forever with the whole idea of creating a Hygge atmosphere. Probably blowing my budget big time over it. However, the Hygge Manifesto lists 10 items. And I’m fairly certain Hygge requires a bit more than just the proper decor.

So, moving on to the 2nd item listed in the Meik Wikig’s Hygge Manifesto….one I really like:

Presence: Be Here Now. Turn Off The Phones.

Remember when that was the norm? Being on the phone wasn’t even an option because they weren’t everywhere. It certainly takes a bit of focus to put away the phone and pay attention.

Maybe because I tend to be a notice type person…look at the sky! Did you see that bird? Did you hear that conversation behind us?…this is not an area of struggle for me.  

Not perfect at it though. And do I spend too much idle time on-line? Absolutely! So instead of spending the weekend focused on this blog, my plan involves being present and noticing all the wonderful details of each event.

I’ll be back to blogging in “real-time” most likely on Sunday morning as the birthday celebration happens in the late afternoon/evening.

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5 thoughts on “Posting In Advance To Observe Presence

  1. Rebecca Knox

    I hope your weekend is going well, Jean. I just looked at Missouri Town’s website again and I guess the annual fall festival was a complete washout. Maybe next year. I ended up going in to work yesterday (got there at 11:15). It was the boss’s birthday, so I told him to go home if he wanted to and he did. I had the building to myself and worked on Friday’s upcoming Wild About Elk homeschool program. I did manage to get a lot done and am much closer to having a plan that I was before, so I am thankful. I’ve been up for over an hour now (it’s 5:44 a.m. right now). I have a pumpkin-scented candle burning right now and I thought of you when I lit it. Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the birthday celebration! Blessings to you and yours, my friend! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, it’s been raining on and off since a little after midnight on Friday. Haven’t looked at the weather to see when it’s supposed to clear out of here. Just thankful to have a dry basement so far…
      Aw, I bet your boss appreciated you going in and letting him leave for his birthday. That was super nice. Glad you got a lot done. My cinnamon apple candle and Woodwick fall mum/apples something scented candles are both going today. Hope you have a great Sunday!

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