Hygge Thought

Meant to schedule a post today and forgot so decided to share these quick thoughts:

Woke up to the sound of rain and thunder. A steady downpour and dark house.

Lit the candles, turned on the leaf lights, and lit my “pretend” Netflix fireplace. Sat enjoying the peace of my quiet morning. (Yes, with a cup of coffee, of course.) Thought about how I love waking up during the Christmas season and sitting in the dark with only the tree lit in the background. Maybe with the “fireplace” going as well.

Led to this thought…

Maybe Hygge is the Christmas feeling minus all the stress? 

One reason Christmas’ never been my all-time favorite is related to the pressure, hustle and bustle of all the shopping (and the crowds!), act of balancing family politics with a million other events.  However, I do love sitting in the house on those quiet mornings and evenings enjoying the twinkling lights on the tree and feelings of peace.  What do you think?

I’d love to hear it!

And now it’s almost time to zoom off to our next event in today’s fall rain… 

The car all decorated for fall by Mother Nature!




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2 thoughts on “Hygge Thought

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    I think you’re right on target, Jean! I think that that is EXACTLY what it is! I love that, too! Quiet, dark mornings with only the glow of candlelight or Christmas tree lights…and, oh! I found some mini leaf lights at Dollar General! So cute! They twinkle and sparkle around the edge of my kitchen shelves. But, yes, Christmas without the stress! That’s it! Good post! Profound thoughts! Love the fall decorating job on your car. Guess I’m going to hang it up here and go on out to work and work on Friday’s WILD ABOUT ELK program. Have a great weekend! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks…just have to say I also love my early WARM summer mornings 😉 LOL! Glad you found some leaf lights. I always forget about Dollar General and it’s practically right down the street from us. Think I’ll have to make some time to check out what’s new in there this week.

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