Can’t Hurry Hygge

Sitting here with my fuzzy socks on my feet while also wearing my Crocs.  Red Kansas City Chiefs shirt, black pants, purple fuzzy socks, and floral shoes. Not exactly a picture of Hygge fashion!

We’re in a slight period of downtime before the last activity of our whirlwind weekend.  It’s cool and rainy outside, lit the candles,  and we’re all home (plus my nephew who stayed over last night). A perfect formula for Hygge.

So I’m ready to Hygge….RIGHT NOW! What do you mean it’s not something we can force?

Hurry, let’s go Hygge!

Wonder if that’s what makes the concept foreign and harder to grasp as an American. Hygge takes a bit of patience. And time.

It’s easy to slip on my warm fuzzy purple socks. Harder to enjoy them when I have to throw on the Crocs to take out the trash.

I’m not enough of a trendsetter to make pajama pants the new look when going out to dinner (or a wedding. and I can imagine my child’s mortified expression if I wore them to a football game.)

It’s easy to light the candles. Harder to stop and sit to enjoy their fragrance and soft light.

And of course, I know there’s more to Hygge than pajama pants, fuzzy socks, and candles. However, today I realized trying to force it leads only to frustration.





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2 thoughts on “Can’t Hurry Hygge

  1. Billie Jo

    Your sentence about the candles is beautiful!
    You could not be more correct, and I am so guilty of not sitting and enjoying them.
    I am going to think of you and try to embrace the moment better!
    Loving this series, my friend!

    1. Jean Post author

      Aw, thank you! I really appreciate your encouraging comments. Hope you are having a wonderful evening and enjoying your candles!

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