Adding A Few Fall Decorations

More rain! Yep, we woke up to more rain. Still, I didn’t mind spending a rainy day (mostly) at home.

The early morning sky was still pretty, I thought. 

I had the day off work. Instead of working on my blog, I took a lazy day instead. Cleaned the house a little, used my Aldi coupon (one of our local stores recently remodeled), and finally added some Fall/Halloween decorations to the living room. Then, I sat and watched a bit too much TV for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

So….with writer’s block going strong tonight, I’m just going to share my decorations for this post.  The living room does feel a bit more cozy…maybe that’s why I stayed there most the day?

My Halloween/Fall throw pillows:  The candy corn pillow, picked up at garage sale many years ago…

Made the top of my bookcase into my pretend fireplace “mantle”. I like how it turned out:  Yes, I know the candles are not lit in the photo. I forgot to take one while I was enjoying them earlier today. And yes, I bought more candles at Aldi (shh! don’t tell the husband though I did use my coupon). The cinnamon pumpkin smells great.

Not much of a profound post today. Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow…



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