Friday Treat: The Best Quick Hot Chocolate

Our heater works. Yes, it’s October and I turned on the heat last night. Another cold, rainy day today put a damper on my errand running plans.

A husband who didn’t go hunting after all (see cold, rainy day above) also put a damper on my stay home and get the house clean for the weekend plans. Truthfully, it doesn’t take much to put a damper on those house cleaning plans. I did pay the bills at least (blah).

We stayed in and watched television pretty much all day. We’re watching Man In The High Castle, season 3.  A great day for it but I must get back to my books soon.

For today’s post, I’m just going to share my secrets for making the best quick hot chocolate. Basically, it’s taking an instant package and stepping it up a notch to make it coffee-house pretty.

The boys and I all had some this afternoon. Who needs dinner?

The Best Quick Hot Chocolate:

It felt super special today because I used the Swiss Miss packets out of these gift containers found on clearance last year: 

I personally prefer Swiss Miss for instant hot cocoa. Think it has a better flavor. No paid/sponsored incentive there, I don’t do those. Just my personal opinion.

To make the hot chocolate special, I first add boiling water (the packages say NOT to do that but I do it anyway…like my chocolate dissolved) to a cup with the dry mix.  Don’t fill the cup up completely with the hot/boiling water.

Save room to add a little almond milk. Or regular milk. Or like I did today, regular chocolate milk! Adds to the richness of it.  Plus it cools down the hot chocolate to a drinkable temperature a bit sooner.

Finishing Touches: 

Adding the finishing touches to the hot chocolate is my favorite part.

For the boys, I added marshmallows (3 large), whipped cream (no Cool Whip here!), and a few miniature chocolate chips.  

For my own, I added the same as above (except I did make mine with regular almond milk as I also had the French Vanilla hot chocolate) as well as a few sprinkles. We’re just going to pretend their pink stars and not pink Easter bunnies.  

And what to do when your son invites friends over after school? Make them hot chocolate, too! Of course.

I’ll save the slow stove top hot chocolate made with actual cocoa (because let’s not argue, we know it’s the best) for a day when the snowflakes fall. Hopefully, a little later in the year than October!


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