Look “Who” Made Us Run Late On Monday

Last year, in late October, I sat out on our deck waiting. We’d been hearing the owls at night. Heard but not seen. I did see two of them after they met in a tree, and then swooped silently over my head off to hunt for the night. Much too dark (and fast) for any pictures.

I gave up on photographing any owls “in the wild” and settled for the nature center owls. Always a fun place to visit.

Fast forward to the past weekend. It rained almost the entire weekend. Monday morning still brought cloudy, gray skies though less rain. I opened the door while waiting for a particularly slow teenager to finish getting ready for school.

Wow, what kind of bird is that sitting on the wire across the street…  Suddenly, it was my turn to yell,

“Come here. Quick!”  It’s an owl! What is an owl doing sitting on the wire in the early morning? 

And how amazing is that? I had the camera handy in the living room though it was on the wrong setting. And I, in my excitement, didn’t notice in time. The first photo is the only one I took after fixing things. I could have spent all morning photographing the magnificent bird! However, my son did have school and alas, I had to work.

My husband had left my car parked in the street.  I had to go get my car and move it back in the driveway. The owl looked at me curiously.  Even though I hoped he’d stay, he swooped off to the maple tree in the front yard as I opened the car door.  We realized with slight concern on the way to school, the unknown whereabouts of a certain little gray cat.

Although I did not have time, I drove back home and called frantically for her. I ran in the house, still calling as she sauntered up the steps from the basement with an expression like the one in the photo below:  What? I was napping!

Crisis averted, I went on to work where I was only a couple of minutes late. Here’s one more highly edited photo of our  Barred Owl: 

Linking up my post to the Bird D’Pot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birding. Always lots of fantastic photos of amazing birds on her blog and in the links!


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2 thoughts on “Look “Who” Made Us Run Late On Monday

  1. Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

    Owls!! Gotta love ’em!! After all, my nickname is Hootin’ Anni. What terrific photo silhouettes…and your first image with camera adjustments is spectacular. What a treasure this post is.

    Thanks for sharing this with us at I’d Rather B Birdin this week.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I was super excited to see a “real” owl just hanging out like that (outside of the slight concern for the cat, of course). Hope you’ve had a great Monday so far!

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