A Walk In The Park

On Sunday, I visited Weston Bend State Park. I had visions of a lovely family day but tempers flared a bit and I visited the park solo.

I ended up taking quite a hike around the park in search of the elusive river overlook. My impatience earned me quite a bit of (much-needed) exercise.  There is a parking lot right beside the overlook. Why do that when you can hike 3 miles to see it?

I started out on the paved trail thinking it went right to the overlook…  It didn’t but I still enjoyed the fall beauty along my wrong path.  Eventually, the path connected with another trail leading to the river overlook. 

This trail wasn’t paved and included a few steeper grades and obstacles like stepping over the fallen tree.  I finally arrived at the overlook. And the full parking lot. Hiking was the right thing after all. 

Snapped a few photos from the quite crowded overlook, then headed back down the path. Time to decide…4 more miles to trek around or backtrack? 

I opted to backtrack. I’d not planned on the longer walk. Wearing pants with no pockets so carrying my phone & keys, taking photos mostly one-handed. Also, no water until I arrived at the car.

I almost took another side trail to visit the old tobacco barn. However, I opted to drive to it instead.  I snapped a few more pictures of a lovely fall day and then, started home toward the family that missed out on all the beauty of the park. And the family I missed.   

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5 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Beautiful pics, Jean! Now you got me excited! I’ve got out my Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites book AND my Trails of Missouri State Parks book. Amanda and I ares supposed to go up to St. Joe when we’re up that way for Thanksgiving. Am thinking maybe we can stop in at Weston Bend and check things out while in the area. Also, don’t know if you can make it or not, but I will be working Christmas on the Farm at Watkin’s Woolen Mill State Park again this year. It is December 1st. If there’s any chance, it would be wonderful to see you again and I know that you would enjoy the event. Blessings! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I’m surprised you’ve not visited the park previously. There’s also an interesting looking (my timing didn’t work out to go see the inside) farmer market type looking barn store near there. Oh, I remember your pictures from Watkin’s Woolen Mill State Park last year. Definitely marking that one my calendar (still have to add all the December band dates but I think that Saturday should work) for it. Hope you are having a wonderful week and have a very Happy Halloween full of only great treats!

  2. Rebecca Knox

    Awesome! Would be great if you could make it! I’m guessing that I’ll be posted where I usually am…in the dining room holding a lantern at the bottom of the stairs. Let me know if you think you’ll be able to make it and I’ll be watching for you! <3

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