This Is Halloween….

Unless you sang this blog post title with me, I’m a bit unsure about you right now. Happy Halloween!   

Want to know a fun fact about this blog? Today is my number one day for visitors. They arrive searching for a poem to leave with the candy bowl. Hello, visitor! The poem is here. Please, feel free to visit the blog again when the Halloween rush is over.

My boys are older now so no need for the poem. We stay home and I (mostly, sometimes the boys take a turn) answer the door.  No big plans for the today other than a bit of working this afternoon so another teacher can attend her elementary-aged child’s party.

No school parties at the middle school or high school level. I did, however, make each of the boys a Halloween treat bag. 

Maybe it will save some of the other candy for the trick-or-treaters visiting us tonight? Also, made a last-minute run to grab some non-candy treats.

Tonight for dinner, chili. My dad always used to make a giant pot of chili for the grandchildren as they met there to trick or treat. I remember my mother in law making taco soup. Perhaps, next year. And of course, pizza’s a great option if you find yourself on the go. As are those 50 cent Sonic corn dogs.

As I pass out candy, I think I’ll watch The Nightmare Before Christmas while the traditional debate happens…is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?

This is Halloween at our house. What’s Halloween look like at your house?


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2 thoughts on “This Is Halloween….

    1. Jean Post author

      Hope you had a great Halloween! We didn’t have too many visitors and now we have lots o’ candy left. Better get it out of sight for a while so we can get ready for turkey eating season 🙂

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