A Few Of My Early November Favorites

Joining up with LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color to talk about the things I like again. It’s fun to focus on the positive!

I’ve been a bit on the go since the month started so it’s nice to take a minute to put up another blog post.

Where’d I go?

On A Road Trip!

Last Friday, I took a road trip with my high school senior to check out Mizzou! (The University of Missouri, Columbia) I liked going on a road trip with my son. It was fun.

And sometimes scary, like when we were ready to leave and couldn’t find the car. GPS for finding cars? Is that a thing? It needs to be! Can’t say I like parking garages.

Though I’m not ready for him to leave and go off to college, should he choose to go there, I would feel okay with it. If he does choose to go there, I’ll be accepting donations! Actually, I might need to accept them anyway.  Senior year is expensive. YIKES!

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off To Work I Go

Good thing I also like my job. I actually love it. My plan is to some day move from being a substitute to teaching full-time at the Montessori preschool. If you want to spend your days with some of the kindest, most compassionate, funny, loving, and wisest people, go hang out with a bunch of preschool kids! Happens to be a great remedy for living with teenagers as well. It’s been a full-time week for me and I’m tired (And it’s only Wednesday as I’m doing my post early!) but it’s a good tired.

Speaking of preschool, sometimes I bring the inspiration home. Read a story called Pumpkin Jack to a group on Tuesday afternoon. Gave me a great idea about what to do with our starting to rot pumpkin…plopped it down in the garden. Maybe a pumpkin vine in the spring?


Outdoor time is always a good thing! Chilly this afternoon but I spent that last glimmer of daylight, cleaning out my car and walking around the yard a bit. Noticing how the oak tree still had quite a few leaves left. Not many trees with the leaves left but those oak leaves are still there. 

Cutting it a bit short tonight, I like sleep and I need some because the animal man is coming to school tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what animals he’s bringing to share with the kids. Did I mention I love my job?




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14 thoughts on “A Few Of My Early November Favorites

  1. LeeAnna Paylor

    choosing the right school is important… gotta fit academically and socially, but what a grand way to step into adulthood while still being protected! And you get to share that moment while going together and talking it over. Your cat picture is so good. I wanted immediately to go paint it, or make a quilt with it like I did with my poodle’s image. Thanks for joining us, you bring a lot to the party! LeeAnna

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Still not sure what school he’ll choose but I know overall it will be fine. Of course, it’s also going to be a big change for all of us. Aw, thank you for your kind words as well as inviting me to participate. It’s fun to focus on the positive. I like it 🙂

  2. Shannon Conley

    I love the idea of the pumpkin potentially growing into a new vine in the spring! I loved Montessori school as a little kid and my sister’s kids are now in Montessori elementary after years in pre-school so I’m a big fan!

    1. Jean Post author

      I really do hope it works. The idea of a pumpkin patch in the garden sounds like fun. Admittedly, I had kind of a mixed up view of Montessori until I started working in a Montessori school. Now, I look and think how my kids would have loved a Montessori preschool (and elementary!).

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, I do that quite often. It doesn’t help if you aren’t in the right parking garage to start though 😉 Hope you enjoyed your walk!

  3. Suzanne

    I very much dislike parking garages. My parents and I lost a rental car in the Disney World parkinglot one year. We had to wait until the park closed and the lot to clean out until we could figure out which car was ours. I always take a phone photo of my rental cars now. LOL. Enjoy the college trips…it goes too quickly.

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, that does not sound fun at all! We needed a picture of the actual parking garage since first we didn’t see the car, then went to a different parking garage, and then back again to the first one. At least we got some extra exercise in before our long car ride home I guess. Seems like his senior year is flying by much too quickly. Hope your weekend is going well.

  4. Billie jo Stoltz

    I taught preschool years ago, and I agree with you!
    Such happy days!!!
    I love that book, Pumpkin Jack!!!
    Have a cozy evening, and I am so happy you love your job.
    I tell my children that often.
    Whatever you choose to do in life, make sure it is something you enjoy!

    1. Jean Post author

      It’s definitely the best, my favorite age. I’ve been in such a better mood this week than last and I know some of it (a lot of it) is from all the time spent with the preschool kids. Great life advice for everyone. Hope you are having a wonderful night.

  5. Roseanne

    Great pictures this week! I love the idea of the pumpkin in the garden for possible seeding next year. LOVE that!! And your GPS thing for you car? Every now and then I get a message on my phone. Something to the effect, your car is parked at xxx – we have updated your location in Maps. What?? How did that get turned on, I don’t want you to know where my car is parked, and who cares?? So, in this case that message would have been VERY helpful for you. Happy Happy FRIDAY! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m curious to see if we’ll have a pumpkin patch next year. Of course, I guess I’ll have to pay attention to what a pumpkin vine start should look like so we don’t pull it up thinking weeds. Oh, I’d like something like that on my phone but I know my husband would not (he’s always turning the location stuff OFF on it…) Happy Friday to you as well!

  6. Colette

    Great pics. LOL losing your car. I did that once. I actually unlocked a car with my key, got in, looked exactly like mine. Realized it was not mine when it wouldn’t start.


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