Blogmas Day 5: My Winter Survival Items

Some clear blue skies and lots of water, a sandy beach, a comfy chair, a drink with a little umbrella top the list of my Winter must have items. Unfortunately, I live where most those things don’t exist especially not in the middle of winter.  

I’ve made it no secret I’m not a fan of winter. Summer’s my favorite. However, I’m trying to appreciate and embrace it more. After all, not sure I’d appreciate those warm summer days if they were year-round.

Since I worked today, I’ll first share my winter survival “at work” items:

  • A warm coat! I resisted this the first few years I worked at the preschool. Outside time is so much better with a proper coat.
  • Finger-less gloves! I find it hard to do quite a few tasks (think tying shoes and wiping noses for a couple of them) with out my “true” hands. The finger-less gloves let me have the dexterity I need while still keeping my hands warm. My current ones have a bonus “mitten” flap.
  • An ear warmer for the super, cold windy days. Hard to see with a hood, not one for a hat, but I do love the ear warmer (an idea stole from a preschool child who wore them).
  • A cardigan sweater. Is it going to be freezing cold in the classroom? Or is it going to feel like a tropical rain forest in there?
  • Lip balm of some sort, I prefer Zum kiss (it’s a local company)
  • Hand lotion! Washing hands A LOT plus cold weather…lotion is a hand saver!

My at home winter survival list looks a little different:

  • Hot tea, specifically, I must have my Stash Chai Green tea. Couldn’t find it at the grocery store recently and had a bit of a panic. They changed packaging.
  • A warm blanket.
  • Fuzzy slipper socks. How did I survive winter before these things?
  • Vitamins! All the items from this post I did on staying healthy in flu season
  • Avoiding too much hibernation. I get a bit down when I don’t see the sun and stay inside too much. So I often will force myself to go through with plans when I’d rather cancel and sleep. I’m always so glad I made the effort to be around friends and family.


What are some of your winter survival items?

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