Blogmas Day 14: Favorite Holiday Recipes

I’m super late getting this post up tonight! Thought I’d get it in this morning but misjudged my time.

And then, after work, helping G with a few things, and relaxing, I decided to bake. Whenever, I bake there is a 100% probability I’ll be making a trip to the store. No different tonight.

While I have lots of favorite holiday foods and recipes, just a quick one tonight. For rolls. Or rather buns. These were a staple at any holiday meal at my parents’ house. We often sat while the rest of the meal became slightly cold as we were waiting on the rolls.

After my mom passed away, no one could quite get them right. Still trying but I think I did okay trying to make them last year.

Full disclosure: These rolls are the favorite of my siblings but I’m not as enthralled with them.

 (The recipe comes from my late Aunt Betty, one of my namesakes, her middle name was Jean)

The card above is my mom’s hand written recipe card (I think it’s probably a re-write of her original card). She would sit in the kitchen stirring these by hand in a big mixing bowl. Thinking she would have loved a Kitchen Aid! They go a lot faster when made in one using the dough hook.


Joining in with Tamy over at Chasing My Life for Blogmas along with Rebecca from Rebecca’s Hearth and Home. And hoping to get all caught up on my blog comments this weekend!




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4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 14: Favorite Holiday Recipes

  1. Tamy

    I LOVE old family recipes – especially hand written ones. It’s so great of you to make them for your siblings even if they’re not your favorite.

  2. Rebecca Knox

    Love the old, hand-written recipes, Jean. Have lots of my grandmother’s and my mom’s. Maybe the hand-beaten dough is the secret to making the rolls come out just right. It’s just a thought! 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      I have my mom’s entire recipe box and one of her old Betty Crocker cookbooks. That could be the secret and it may stay the secret, LOL!


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