Blogmas Day 21: When Do You Open Presents

I opened 2 presents at work today! My lovely bosses gave us all the nicest gift baskets of treats along with such a lovely personal letter (definitely one for the boost file!).

And the school’s PTO also gave us a Christmas gift, a card signed by all the parents with some “greenery” inside. Also, the cutest little gift filled with candies: 

When do we open presents around here?

I let the kids’ each open one present on Christmas Eve. However, they are the ones I’ve marked CE on the tags, the traditional pajamas and a book.

When I was quite a bit younger, I remember going to my grandparents on Christmas Eve and we usually opened presents from them there.  As I grew a bit older, my mom would let me pick just one gift to open on Christmas Eve. Then, we always opened the rest of the presents on Christmas morning.  And sometimes, we opened gifts in the early afternoon. Dinner was in the afternoon around 2 or 3 p.m.

My husband’s family had the tradition of opening presents on Christmas morning and then, eating breakfast. So we started going there for early morning Christmas, opening gifts, eating breakfast and spending the afternoon with my side. It worked well as our kids were super early risers on Christmas morning although we often had “where are you?” calls as we lived the furthest away from his parents. And mornings are still mornings even on Christmas.

Now, we are hosting my husband’s siblings for breakfast for the second year in a row (I do enjoy hosting!).  So we’ll open our family presents early, then gifts with his brother and sister and their families (we exchange names).

And we’ll go have dinner at my brother’s house in the afternoon. My side doesn’t generally do as many presents. Too many of us! Some years, one of us will do it and some years we won’t. It’s whatever works for your family that year.  It’s more about just being together.


Joining Tamy at Chasing My Life and Rebecca from Rebecca’s Hearth And Home for Blogmas!

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21: When Do You Open Presents

  1. Rachel

    I don’t out any presents under the tree before Christmas Eve. We have gotten in the habit of going to a local restaraunt for an early dinner on Christmas eve and then driving around looking at Christmas lights and when we come home an “elf” has come by to make sure kids rooms are clean and leaves gifts of new pajamas and the book “The night before Christmas” . After kids are in bed asleep all the presents are then brought out of hiding to put under the tree. Makes for great surprises for the kids on Christmas morning.

    I also wanted to say I have enjoyed following along with your blog has this year even though I haven’t commented much. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Jean Post author

      That sounds like such a fun tradition! I also enjoy following along on your blog. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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