Blogmas Day 23: Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas is almost here! I can tell because I feel like I’m living the Groundhog Day movie. Are we sure it’s not actually already February?

I have to amend today’s topic a bit because we don’t do Christmas dinner here. We’ll have Christmas morning breakfast.

Christmas morning breakfast: 

My husband prepares biscuits and gravy. And hopefully, a few spare sausages. His wife (me) doesn’t like gravy. Neither do the boys. However, he loves it as do the rest of his family.  We’ll also have fruit (my sister-in-law is bringing it though I did tell her the fruit in her Cherry Chip meringues would be enough). And whatever my other sister-in-law brings.

For drinks, coffee, orange juice, and one other fruit punch type drink. And of course, Christmas cookies!  Thinking I may make an overnight coffee cake as well. A bit more special than cinnamon rolls.

Christmas “we’re all hungry!” between meals will probably be a frozen pizza or something else easy.

For Christmas dinner we’re going to my brother’s house. He’s not having the traditional meal but is getting a ham. He asked me to bring my Crunch Coleslaw plus maybe a dessert so that’s what I’m doing. I’m not sure what dessert yet.

And now, I must return to all my last-minute preparations including shopping, wrapping presents, cleaning the house, and folding the laundry pile that keeps appearing on the bed. Ugh…or rather ho ho ho!


Joining in with Tamy from Chasing My Life and Rebecca from Rebecca’s Hearth And Home for Blogmas.

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 23: Christmas Dinner Menu

  1. Rebecca Knox

    That’s a neat idea, Jean! Never thought of a Christmas morning breakfast. I mean…we HAVE breakfast on Christmas morning, but it’s not a thing. You know what I mean? Sounds wonderful! Enjoy the time with your family! It will be before you know it! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      Well, it’s just what my husband’s family always used to do. It is nice because it frees up Christmas afternoon a bit. Merry Christmas-Eve Eve to you!

  2. Tamy

    I like the idea of a traditional Christmas breakfast idea. It’s funny you should mention February too 0 I was one gift box short so ran up to Dollar Tree to get one and their Christmas area was full of Valentines!

    Have a wonderful “ground hog” day and enjoy the holiday.

    1. Jean Post author

      Wow, I was just in a Dollar Tree yesterday (funny, also buying gift boxes) and they didn’t have Valentines out yet. Probably couldn’t get to the Christmas aisles, they were too jammed up with people. LOL! Happy Christmas-Eve Eve!

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