Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

Each year our Christmas Eve looks a bit different.

This Christmas Eve morning so far looks like this:

A little gray cat who insisted I get out of bed a bit after dawn! And she’s now cozily snoozing away. Santa are you listening?

A great Christmas Eve sunrise sky! (I did resist the little gray cat for a bit so saw the skies as the brilliance faded not at the beginning).  

An Elf who moved without my assistance! Yikes!  

Two teenagers still sleeping. Both are going shopping later today. One on his own and one with me. A husband who went to “Home Depot” this morning. I think it’s code for I better go get my wife a present.

On the rest of my agenda today:

Shopping for a few last-minute gifts ( Even if I don’t get out today, it’s okay. Still, I must go out at least to take J so he can get things.)

Clean off the table, put the Christmas table-cloth on it. Make sure we have all the food for tomorrow. Prepare my overnight coffee cake. Stick the Christmas crackers in the tree.

Clean the rest of the house (make it presentable for tomorrow morning, not going for a deep clean at this point).

See if I can talk the family into going to look at Christmas lights just around the neighborhoods.

Have the boys open their Christmas Eve presents.

Cookies and a drink for Santa,go to bed at a decent hour.  


Joining in with Tamy at Chasing My Life and Rebecca from Rebecca’s Hearth and Home for Blogmas.


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