New Week, New Word For The Year

Thank you for your encouragement on my first choice for word of the year in 2019.

However, I decided time didn’t fit well as a word of the year for me. And instead of struggle with it all year, I changed it.

In theory, time was a great word. In practice, I found it (already) extremely stressful! Focusing on time is not a peaceful practice. And feels just like it feels at 5 minutes to the end of any activity you are ready to stop. Or finish before a timer ends.

Taking a moment to appreciate things or breath and listen to the silence: Great!

Stressing that you aren’t taking enough of those moments: Not so great!

And can I just confess I rushed myself to choose a word.  Instead of slowing down (yes, the time irony is there) and taking the time to reflect, I rushed into a word for 2019.

Yet if I had thought it through, my word had already whispered itself to me as 2018 faded away.

As I grumbled and paid our property taxes on-line New Year’s Eve, my word whispered away some of the annoyance. Here in addition to counting down to the new year, we count down to the last possible moment our taxes are due. Missouri property taxes due in December.

I thought how thankful I was we were paying those taxes on a warm home. We weren’t struggling in the elements. Gratitude, the word to start 2019 announced itself right there.

Throughout the start of the year (eight days so far), I began to re-frame annoying little things. No, I didn’t want to start back to work with everyone else. However, I have a job where I love to go to work.

My new word doesn’t mean I haven’t had moments of annoyance at little things. It just means pausing and rethinking. Laundry means we have clothes to wear and a way to keep them clean. My husband throwing my Chiefs shirt in the dryer reminds me I have a husband willing to help with the laundry.

So my word for 2019 shall be gratitude.




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2 thoughts on “New Week, New Word For The Year

  1. Rachel

    I love that you realized that your original word just wasn’t going to work for you. Sometimes we get so caught up in following through just because we say we are going to even if it makes us miserable. Good for you for changing your word. I love the mindset of changing to “Gratitude.” I can definitely see that as a major word for you! I keep coming back to a word the last few weeks that has been sitting on my heart and mind, so I think that I may follow your lead and choose a word for the year…..
    Rachel recently posted..Happy Homemaker Monday (January 7, 2019)My Profile


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