Thoughts On Tidying The Marie Kondo Way

I read her second book late last year, a book that left me a little cold. And then watched her TV show on Netflix. I found her personality in complete contrast to the first book I read.

So, I went ahead and jumped on the band wagon, requesting her first book from the library. The book she said to read first.  I’ve never been one to do things in the correct order.

I’m still reading the first book and mostly enjoying it.  Mostly, I get her ideas although a few parts do leave me going what? And thinking she might have had some childhood issues.

Found myself stuck at home on Monday and Tuesday. Perfect time for a bit of clutter clearing. I decided to just try her method. Starting with only my things as she suggests in the book if you can’t get the rest of the family to join in the “fun”.

Clothing first.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about it. I don’t really have too many clothes as I’m not exactly a size where I enjoy clothes shopping. Didn’t think I’d have very much to let go.And folding my clothes like that? Please.


  • My clothes mountain was a bit more than a mole hill after all  
  • Three bags of items to donate! 
  • And there is actually something kind of zen about folding clothes her way 

I really do find a bit of joy opening my drawers and seeing all my clothes, deciding what to wear. It’s nice to have a place to put my clean laundry. We’ll see how this all goes once the laundry (currently mostly done) piles up on us again.

Things listed under clothing I also went through: jackets, bags, shoes, jewelry. Some items on the list didn’t apply to me. I own exactly one swimsuit and no costumes. Not being much of a fashionista this category went pretty fast for me.  Books…well, that’s going to be different.

My exact thoughts after finishing category 1 tidying:

  • I think her main point is to love the things you own. And not bury the things where you can’t see and enjoy them. This is much easier when the things you don’t want/need/love aren’t in the way.
  • The get it all done at once method appeals to my personality. It’s not a spend all your time doing this so much as a finish this category and then, move on to the next. There’s less decision-making for me if I know I’m working on clothes vs picking out a set number of random items each day.
  • I really would like to hear her and the Flylady debate.
  • Distractions still happen but they’re easier to move past if you have a plan: This is a sentimental item, save for last. This is miscellaneous, save for that category. I can’t go to bed with this stuff everywhere (Especially if it’s covering the bed! Am I the only one wondering if those people in the show slept on the sofa or shoved their things on the floor?).
  • Her focus is purely on tidying and clearing out stuff. I like that she’s not telling me how or when to clean my kitchen or bathroom.
  • I think this works for me (so far) because I’m in a bit of a transition year. Things look different to me with older kids, one leaving home for college in the fall.

Have you tried tidying up her way? What did you think?

*I may try to update my thoughts on this each Wednesday as I work through all the categories. There’s a great printable checklist here if you want to see the order of clearing items Marie Kondo deems important.







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11 thoughts on “Thoughts On Tidying The Marie Kondo Way

  1. Hooks and Needles

    Interesting post today Jean, we were discussing this at knit & natter today. We meet in the local pub and one lady was demonstrating the folding of a t-shirt for me. She’d asked at the bar if on the off chance they had a t-shirt… they didn’t. She used a sheet of paper instead Cx

    1. Jean Post author

      It is an interesting way to fold. I did have to watch a few of her you-tube videos to get it. And then, look at shirts I already folded when I was putting away laundry. I’d like to do it for the kids’ rooms and see if they can keep up with it. My husband declined my offer to fold all his shirts (he wears painter whites so t-shirts for work) the fancy new way.

  2. Rachel

    I am not following all of her methods per se….I don’t have the time to do all of the clothes at one time, etc. But I am taking bits and pieces of her show and applying it. I started with my kitchen and worked on cabinets and really asked myself did it bring me joy to use it or was I holding onto it just because someone gave it to me as a gift. I got rid of 3 large garbage bags of stuff and then was able to reorganize what was left in a more logical manner. I don’t know if it is in my head or what, but my kitchen feels lighter and it is more of a joy to be in there. I did use her method to fold my dishtowels since my drawer to keep them in is so narrow. It is keeping the kids from digging through there to get a specific towel and now I can see what I have. I also cleaned out our mud room closet and got rid of a shredder and a brown grocery bag full of stuff. I know I am not following her method the way she intended but it is working for me and my life right now.
    I love watching the befores and afters and seeing people accomplish decluttering goals!

    By the way, did you end up treating yourself on the 9th? I know that was one of your goals, but can’t remember if you followed through with it this month. Would love to hear what you did, as I love that goal. 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Sounds like her method is working perfectly for you right now. I don’t think many people have time to do all their clothing at one time. She does address that a bit in the book, saying the main thing is to give yourself a deadline. Sort of challenging myself to do it in “her order” but I think whatever works to help you feel better is important. Some of her ideas are a bit out there. Just read a part in the book last night about not storing anything in the shower (yes, including soaps and shampoos). That would not fly with the rest of this household (not even sure I could do it). Since I worked on the 9th, it’s sort of been a “struggle” and I’ve probably treated myself too often thinking “well, I didn’t really treat myself on the 9th..” LOL. My main treat myself thing this month (and I don’t plan to do BIG things each month, too much $$ if I did that) was to go ahead and order replacement essential oils when the starter kit went on special. I’d used all my favorites but had been putting off getting new ones. The deal came with a diffuser so now I can put one in the stinky basement where the teens hang out and leave it there. Hope your Thursday is going well so far!

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  4. Sandra

    You know the funny thing for me, I had heard about her for so long but never read her books, and then saw the show on Netflix and watched an episode, only to realize I was already folding my clothes very similarly to hers LOL

    As for the hold your clothes, stroke them and say thank you or whatever, that part is a bit too froo froo for me, so I don’t relate at all. All in all she has good ideas and if it gets people to purge and keep their homes cleaner, all the power to her, but yeah some things are a little much LOL

    1. Jean Post author

      You were ahead of the trend 🙂 I think the hold your clothes part is interesting and in a way does help let go of things. There were some things I was keeping that didn’t fit or were from my past and it did help to take a minute and think about the happy times I wore the items and reflect on being thankful for those while realizing it was time to move on and make room for new happy memories. I think that part helps the overly sentimental among us like myself, LOL! Not sure how I’ll feel when I get to decluttering mops, brooms, and buckets though.

  5. lapaylor

    I remember long ago hearing about her, checking out the book and going, no way. Sounded ridiculous and tedious… but seeing her on tv… she’s so mindful and respectful. I now get folding clothes… taking an extra second to fold in uneven edges, so one can see tidy folded edges… feeling the item like t-shirts all tucked. It’s nice. It seems right somehow. I especially like the way she feels the home before starting. Again, mindful. Yesterday my monkey brain was running on high speed, so I forgot to put away the mayo and sandwich meat before leaving the house to return hours later and have to trash it all. sad. If I was just a bit more mindful…

    1. Jean Post author

      I do think it’s all in the timing. When her book first came out, I thought it sounded like a bit much. Now, it still sounds like a bit much but I’m ready to attempt some of it. I don’t think we can be mindful 24/7 unless we are living solo on a mountain.

  6. Deanna

    I love tidying Marie Kondo’s way. If you’re interested in a Facebook group, I can hook you up! It’s so nice seeing other people working through the same things.

    I agree – this method is for me. I like just focusing on one category, and then being able to set aside other things not related for later.

    I used to do Flylady, but I just got done with doing a little bit at a time, and all the other clutter reducing methods felt so sad – only focusing on which items need to leave.

    You did amazing with your clothing! I am the same – not particular attached to clothing, mostly, nor do I like shopping for clothing either, but I was surprised at how many discards I’ve had (I’ve been through clothing multiple times now). Books are still challenging for me, but I do certainly release some.

    I absolutely love the way the items look folded in the drawers. We don’t have any dressers in our household any longer (we left them in Wisconsin), but I know it made getting ready in the morning super easy for the girls with their things all lined up in the drawers.

    1. Jean Post author

      I might take you up on that. Not ready for a Facebook group right now. Honestly, I got pretty bogged down in the papers part and then, life got busy so I stalled out on it. Still folding my clothes (and the boys’ clothes now) her way. Not sure whether to try paper again or just move on to the next category.


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