Have to work a longer day than anticipated today. Just a quick post of my gratitude list scribbled in bits between last Tuesday and this one.  And one of my favorite photos from the walk I took on Saturday thrown in just for fun.


  1. Modern medicine
  2. Husband who cooks
  3. Teenager who can drive to the store while husband drives other kid to baritone lesson
  4. Great catches with trash cans
  5. Nice people who let you and your one item in front of them at the store
  6. Working in very close proximity to both a gas station and a drug store
  7. Concerned little gray cats
  8. Compassionate teachers
  9. Warm clothes, gloves
  10. Paved nature trails
  11. Wonderful friends and friendships
  12. Sons with generous hearts
  13. Green tea
  14. Sunshine!!
  15. The birds

What things are you grateful for this week?

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