Wait, It’s Thursday Already?

It’s been a slow but quick week. Ha! Another week of not knowing what day it is. Sort of. And a busy week where one day of just a few hours of work morphed into full-time hours.

It’s been a somewhat stressful week. A back hurting week. A tired week. A I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday week. I like Fridays.

Of course, this is Thursday (night) and I like posts are for this day. A bit late. Didn’t feel well last night so no post ready to go this morning.

I like feeling healthy.  And a few other things…

From the weekend:

A few more snowmen that caught my eye on my walk in the warm weather before the Polar vortex caused a crazy week:

Since it’s been so cold, let’s start with the this guy catching some rays: 

Most of us I think would rather hang out wherever he’s at, than with Elsa here: 

Scary weather….maybe one of these Jack Skeleton snowmen caused this mix-up? 

Just one more to share….my favorite. 

The rather humble snow-woman pictured above. Let’s take a closer look.  Mrs. Re-Cycle. She wears her outfit well…made out of plastic bags! 

And a few more birds I liked.  This red-bellied woodpecker at the nature center was nice. 

However, not much beats glancing out your living room window and seeing a hawk perched in a tree in your own front yard! 

Only one quick photo through the window before he flew away.

And moving into this week….a few things I liked with fewer (no pictures to share):

  • The local grocery store giving away free hot chocolate Tuesday night for customers braving the cold
  • A totally random and unexpected goodbye hug from a preschool student
  • The book I read this week (Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng). Characters with depth!
  • A week off from taking my son to school and battling the middle school car-line


What things did you like this week? Don’t forget to check out the blog Not Afraid Of Color and see what our host, LeeAnna likes along with all the other bloggers over there.

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8 thoughts on “Wait, It’s Thursday Already?

    1. Jean Post author

      The outside pictures were from before the polar surge. Of course, I did have to drive to work in it but once there…certainly, an inside day!

  1. lapaylor

    all that and she crochet’s and recycles too?? Great great snowpeople! I want to come see them all! Love imagination in practice. Good list of likes, especially the little hug…

  2. Sandra Walker

    Love the red-bellied woodpecker! I spied a HUGE hawk on my drive home from yoga this morning. Yep, he was hunting, focused on the ground… Those snowmen are cute! I’ve pulled up the book you liked on my library’s site, going to read the synopsis and maybe put it on hold!

    1. Jean Post author

      It’s always exciting to see the huge hawks isn’t it? I really did enjoy the book but feel compelled to warn you it does contain some issues such as abortion and adoption, pertinent to the story and presented without political opinion but they are there.

  3. Hooks and Needles

    Love the bird photos, the snowmen look strange but amusing – clever and spooky. In the summer here in the countryside, villages dress up scarecrows as various well know characters. I’m guessing this is a similar idea. Have a good weekend, Cathy x


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