First Gratitude List For February

Time to take a minute for a list of gratitude from last Tuesday until this one. List is in random order as items pop into my head.

  1. A warm car
  2. A warm coat and gloves
  3. Waking up on time every day of the week
  4. Safe travels on a road trip day
  5. Chance to take my oldest son and his best friend on a college visit
  6. Good weather on our travel/college tour day
  7. Target on-line ordering
  8. A kind gesture of an extra ticket to the KC symphony playing along with the Star Wars track offered to my youngest son
  9. A brass teacher willing to rearrange his schedule
  10. Teenagers waking up on time for an early morning start on our long road trip
  11. Coffee
  12. Fountain drink type creamers for the coffee at a convenience store (Genius idea!)
  13. Sunshine and warmer weather  
  14. A forgiving friend
  15. GPS (shh! Don’t tell my husband this is on my list, please)
  16. Good books
  17. Hot tea
  18. Payday!
  19. Greek yogurt
  20. A little gray cat

This is of course, not a full list but I don’t have all night to sit typing.

What things are on your gratitude list this week?


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4 thoughts on “First Gratitude List For February

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. GPS does come in handy at times. Of course, ours goes a little rogue once in a while. On one vacation, it told us to go off road and drive to the lake. LOL!


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