I Like Quiet Mornings In February

Even if I slept through most of this one.  Yet another ice/snow day in these parts. I don’t mind too much, thankful not to worry about newer drivers in the school parking lot or buses trying to navigate precious cargo. And not going anywhere myself.

My husband did apparently go to work. Again, I slept a bit late with no alarms other than this one:  

She did insist I get up and keep her company at 5:30 AM for a bit. She’s quite persistent. Once she had a new morning companion, I went back to bed for a bit. Didn’t mean to sleep quite so long but not a big deal today.

Not sure what she’s looking at out there. Thankfully, not trees full of ice. We got mostly sleet around here (I think) and now snow flurries. I spotted this squirrel (look near the top center):

We had ice Tuesday night (just a little) and more last night before the sleet/snow:  It’s 12 degrees out there, let’s come back inside!

You’re welcome to grab a cup of coffee or tea while I show you my tiny bits of Valentine’s Day decor in the living room… 

Valentine’s Day Touches in The Living Room:

Found a spot for picture atop the book-case. 

A few chocolates hidden in the Love box: 

And my favorite touch, this bit of garland framing the kitchen door frame: 

Not too many touches, just enough to make the house not quite as bare.

Dark chocolate (pictured above) or Warm chocolate chip cookies?  

I like them both. These were the refrigerated break & bake kind. And I didn’t make the whole package on Monday night, so the kids might get some warm chocolate chip cookies today. If they’re nice enough…

If not, I’ll just concentrate on feeding the birds a bit more (I like seeing new birds start to visit): 

Other Random Likes From The Past Week:

  1. Taking a road trip with my son and his best friend from preschool, both now high school seniors, to check out a college.
  2. This fun exchange with a pre-primary preschool student: Me (just making a general statement): Why are you all so out of sorts today? The Student: I’m not wearing shorts! (points to pants) See, I’m wearing pants!
  3. The movie, Deadpool 2, I didn’t really care for the first one. Surprised myself by finding this one witty and fun.


What things are making you smile this week? Be sure to go check out all the likes over at Not Afraid Of Color.

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18 thoughts on “I Like Quiet Mornings In February

  1. mary

    The birds look so sweet out your window. I’m likin the garland on the door frame-great idea . I too didn’t think I would like Deadpool but we laughed ourselves silly watching it.
    Keep warm!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I was really surprised by Deadpool. It’s warmed up a bit around here for a while. Now if the sun would just come out, we’d be doing good.

  2. Hooks and Needles

    Hi Jean, Thank you for inviting me in your home. Lovely cat looking outside, your decorations look nice with your red hearts, chocolates and cookies. We still haven’t had snow here but I do think it’s cold, brrrh! Have a good week, Cathy x
    Hooks and Needles recently posted..Weekend ramblings.My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. The rain’s mostly melted our snow away now. We’re getting a warm spell but I’m sure we’ll be due more cold snaps before winter ends here. Hope you’ve had a great Monday!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. The love box is an old Dollar Tree find from a few years back. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. Angie

    Jean – this was my morning to sleep in – pure luxury! My hubby usually cannot sleep past 7.30 or so, and he was happy to feed our persistent cat so I could roll over! Love your bits of Valentine’s decorations … I always feel the house is a bit forlorn after the holiday decorations are put away. I got a window bird feeder for Christmas, and it has been up since the first week in January. The first birds used it today – which is very interesting because the packaging said it would probably take 5 weeks for them to find it! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog!

    1. Jean Post author

      My husband usually gets up early and entertains our little cat but she’s very funny in that she’s assigned each of us jobs. Mine is to open the front door for her no matter who else is available. A window bird feeder would be so fun. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far!

  4. Colette

    Love the pics of the birds. I am not always thrilled with them when they invade my chicken house or unattached garage and take over though. Snow/ice days and getting to sleep in are always an awesome day. Also little holiday touches. I liked Deadpool 2 also.

  5. Rachel

    Sleeping in sounds heavenly! Glad you got the chance. Very nice pictures. Our weather has been crazy here. High of 62 yesterday with flooding rains. Today we woke up to snow flurries and high temps in the low 20s with wind chills in the single digits. Have a good weekend.

    1. Jean Post author

      It was nice! Thank you. The weather everywhere seems to be a little off. Hope some good weather comes to visit you soon & that your Monday has started off wonderfully.

  6. Shannon M Conley

    I love seeing the birds! We didn’t have many last year, but they’re starting to come back so hopefully I’ll have some again this year. And I love that flowers-in-a-vase painting next to your valentine’s decorations. It’s so bold and colorful!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’m hoping to see a lot more birds during the spring. I made the painting at a friend’s painting party. It was lots of fun!

  7. lapaylor

    I’m tardy for the Party… sorry bout that. Your photos are so good… love the moody cat profile especially although the birds are puffed out and pretty. Is there anything as appetizing as seeing fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies? All melty looking? I could smell and taste them from your photo. LeeAnna

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. The birds were puffed out because it was so cold! Thankfully, a lot of sunshine and some warmer weather for a couple days now.

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