Taking Time For Gratitude

Winter this year reminds me of the Jack Nicholas character in the movie, The Shining. It’s not here’s Johnny, it’s here’s winter! I’m off to work very soon as my schedule but wanted to share my gratitude list since I missed it yesterday.

And yes, we had yet another winter storm move through the area last night. This part of town had mostly a bit of ice and maybe 2 inches of snow. Better, I guess, than the predicted 3-6 inches of snow.

Lots of winter woes out there but I’m not minding having real winter so much this year. Time to share my Tuesday to Tuesday (or Wednesday) Gratitude list.

  1. A reliable car
  2. Safe travels to and from work in a snow storm
  3. Boys who shovel snow (and a husband who “encouraged” them to do it) 
  4. No school on Friday so no worries about teenager driving in the snow
  5. Grace given at work on an unusual day
  6. A neighbor who enjoys music
  7. Husband wanting to try a new brand of spaghetti sauce
  8. Friends who push us (and our children) out of our comfort zone
  9. Lazy days at home
  10. New bird feeder (late Christmas) and new birds visiting!
  11. Late start school days (for me, snow days for the boys)
  12. Having a husband who clears the snow off my car for me
  13. Hot coffee!
  14. Hot water in the shower
  15. A job I love

What are you thankful for this week?

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10 thoughts on “Taking Time For Gratitude

  1. Deanna

    I’m thankful for:
    Rodeo Week – my girls will get Thursday and Friday off – hoping for a final sleep it off and clear it out whatever is ailing my youngest.
    My back finally got back to mostly normal – I can get out of bed, walk, and function.
    President’s Day – my husband had off from work so we:
    Took the Christmas tree down
    He steam mopped the upstairs
    Trying a new recipe
    Learning to make DIY half-and-half

    What brand of spaghetti sauce did you buy? Did you try it yet? I know so well the rut of spaghetti sauce. And pizza sauce for that matter. We have been enjoying Hemisfare’s pasta sauce, and my youngest made homemade pizza sauce that is delicious.
    A full fridge and pantry

    1. Jean Post author

      What a fun name for a break! Hope she gets to feeling 100% soon. Haven’t tried a new brand yet but I just grabbed the Barilla brand off the shelf. Mainly because they had a spicy marinara sauce and it made me think of my dad’s homemade sauce, always had a bit of a kick to it. Hope your week is starting off great!
      Jean recently posted..Taking Time For GratitudeMy Profile

  2. Rachel

    We also got that winter storm… was supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow followed by ice… we got probably 6-8 inches of snow and now there is sleet coming down. I am grateful that hubby got home from work safely this morning (took him 30 minutes to get home versus the 8 it normally takes him). Thankful for no school so I don’t have to take kids out in this weather. Thankful for a day with just my family as my babysitting kids are home with their parents who called off work because roads are terrible.

    Hope you have a good day at work!

  3. lapaylor

    care taking is the real form of love in action… and having a job you love is a real gift in so many ways. Being able to contribute to the world, feeling appreciated, making money, feeling fulfilled. All good. Thanks for linking up with I Like Thursday, I always appreciate your posts.

  4. Sally

    Oh, I like so many of those. I love my new (old) car. Reliable and fun to drive – it is something to be grateful for. And yes, getting the car dusted off for you – it’s such a small thing, but so wonderful. 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Yes, I really appreciate not having to get out there and freeze clearing my car off in the mornings. Hopefully, it will be spring soon so everyone can stay inside and have an extra sip of coffee before leaving the house. 🙂
      Jean recently posted..Taking Time For GratitudeMy Profile


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