Last Gratitude List For February

Since I’m actually at home today, I’m back to posting a gratitude list on a Tuesday.

Let’s just get right to it!

  1. Time at home
  2. Finding a new Netflix show 
  3. Sunny days
  4. The LAST week of February
  5. My husband and I both having a day off at the same time yesterday
  6. Having a day off by myself today
  7. The school district revising the calendar in a way the kids aren’t in school until June (yet, standby for more snow possible)
  8. A working washer and dryer
  9. Motivation to spring clean early
  10. New candle scents to welcome spring (early). If I act like spring is on its way, it will come. Right?! 
  11. Winning a book from a Goodreads contest! And from one of my very favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin. Hoping it arrives soon!
  12. The ability to say “no” to working (I don’t do it very often but I did say it yesterday)
  13. Target’s clearance corners 
  14. New sheets that stay on the bed (hopefully!)
  15. My fun little Pocket Camp: Animal Crossing game on my phone

I’m stopping here so I get back to my early “spring” cleaning since I’m focusing on J’s room. All the socks found safe & dirty under his bed. Bonus item: Thankful for finding all his missing socks among other “treasures” under the bed. And not finding any spiders or other spooky insects.

What things are you thankful for this week?

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12 thoughts on “Last Gratitude List For February

  1. Becki

    What a great idea, and a great list! I kept a gratitude journal for a while and listed five things before I went to sleep at night, but got out of the habit again… I’m grateful for my truck that can get through the snow when we don’t get another ‘snow day.’ 😉

    1. Jean Post author

      We’re finishing up having an “ice day” here. I think it’s certainly helping my mood during what seems to be the longest winter I can recall in a long time. Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

  2. Roseanne

    Hi Jean! So many good likes for today. My favorite is that it is the last day of February. Bye, bye February. See you next year and don’t hurry back! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I’m ready for spring! It’s one of my favorite seasons and I find I’m getting a little impatient for it to arrive. Ready to see some green outside. Hope your weekend is going well so far.

    1. Jean Post author

      I don’t mind spiders outside around the garden but I don’t like to find them lurking in the corners under the beds. Need to do lots more spring cleaning. Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far.

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I’m so glad to have finally found sheets with a pattern I like and that stay on the bed. I loved the pattern on the last set of sheets but was waking up 2-3 times a night because they were coming off the bed on my side. Being a restless sleeper does that I guess. These are from Target and have big, deep pockets to help them stay in place. They’re nice and comfy to sleep on as well. Thanks, I was super excited when the e-mail arrived saying I’d won. Now if the book would just get here so I could read it 🙂 Happy Weekend to you!

  3. Pat

    Great photos. Is that a purple finch? I can almost smell the candle. Never saw those scents before. Yay to days off, school rescheduling, saying no sometimes and winning a good book. Never read that author. Book looks intriguing. I like finding new blogs to read to venture out of my quilty corner … 🙂 Pat

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I think it is a purple finch. There’s a pair of them and I can’t quite decide if they are purple finches or house finches. I’ll have to see if I can spot them again. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I was so surprised when the e-mail arrived. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting for it to arrive and hoping I did things right. Yes, one day you’ll win as well!


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