Friday Night Likes

I don’t think I ever watched the Friday Night Lights television show. Heard it was good.

Late with my Thursday I like post because of watching a little too much of a different show on Netflix. And working. And running errands. Mainly though watching too much brain-dead TV.

Z-Nation is a corny zombie show and I really do like it. (See the popcorn picture above?).  I did like our stove-top prepared popcorn during my week of grocery store avoidance.

Did you know I have 2 teenage boys living here? We only held out until Wednesday evening. Didn’t help that Wednesday was yet another snow day! (Ice day actually).

Goodbye February!

Anyone else enjoy saying that? Funny to find this little token of a work day in my pants pocket during the last week of the month.  One of the fun parts of my job is never knowing what “treasures” I might discover later in my coat and pants pockets.

Hello March!

I like my new March/Spring garden flag. Not sure how I lost my previous spring garden flag but it gave me an excuse to get this one. It was nice getting out a bit today while the temperature was a balmy 34 degrees.

The guard cat and I even went on a brief (and somewhat muddy and slippery) patrol around the yard.  The squirrels stayed out of our way and we didn’t find much to report. Going to have to enjoy my grocery store flowers inside as I saw no signs of any outdoor flowers.  Hopefully, they’ll keep things bright around here during snowmagadden, part 3 billion, scheduled to arrive tomorrow night.

What things are you liking this week?

Be sure to check out all the great likes from Thursday over on Not Afraid Of Color!



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2 thoughts on “Friday Night Likes

  1. lapaylor

    friday night likes! good one
    Your cat is such a pin-up girl. Gorgeous. The flowers are too… crocus inside is okay since the snow seems to be with us for a while yet. We got another 6.8″ last night. It’s headed your way… sorry…

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you, she’s got a bit of spring fever just like the rest of us, I think. We got lucky and fell in the 2-4 inches band this time but the cold they predicted is here. I have to work tomorrow but if it stays in the wind chill advisory area, my boys and the rest of the school kids can probably say goodbye to another day of spring break. Hopefully, you’ll be sending some warm sunny days my way very soon 🙂

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