I Like Beautiful Mornings…

Happy Thursday!

I worked the first two days of the week.  On Tuesday, I had to be there at 7:15 AM. As one who much prefers leisurely mornings, this is a bit early! Not much time for leisure when you need to be somewhere by 7:15. However, a beautiful sunrise is a great reward for leaving the house in the predawn hours.  

Yes, I took the photo while driving (do as I say and not as I do. Don’t take photos while driving!). And through a somewhat dirty windshield. Seemed like a perfect start to my gratitude list for the week.

Gratitude For Beautiful Mornings

  1.  Being awake to see such an amazing sunrise 
  2. Having time to take my “shortcut” through the park to enjoy my moment of nature
  3. A peaceful, quiet drive so I could safely take the photos (later in the morning, my “shortcut” gets a bit busy)
  4. Seeing a second gorgeous sunrise from own front door again yesterday! 
  5. Time to grab the “real” camera and play with the settings.

Bright, Sunshine-y Days (Sing along with me?)

  1. Spring flowers springing up every where!  Every year in the middle of the yard. However, I’ve made my peace with the little blue flowers and random crocus heralding the start of the season. 
  2. The return of my peonies. Every year, I think it’s a goner. And every year, it surprises me. 
  3. A little gray cat who makes me laugh as she stretches in the sunshine and teases the Airedale next door (from a safe distance). 

    Are you barking at me??!!

  4. The start of baseball season!
  5. Living in a city with this beautiful stadium. And knowing everywhere I go today, I’ll likely see most people dressed in blue. (Yes, I’m wearing my Royals tee-shirt for opening day) 

A Few Random Items Of Gratitude To End My Post

Or I guess I could title this sub heading, I didn’t take any night photos? Ha!

  1. Being included!
  2. The wonderful laugh this college flyer gave me. Came for my high school senior in Saturday’s mail.  They’ve apparently achieved time travel! Check the date on the photo up there. Proofreading matters.
  3. Blog readers who forgive my grammar errors (I do proofread but I’m sure I miss things).
  4. Amazon adding season 2 of my all-time favorite show (Fringe) to Prime! Season 2 contains one of the best episodes of the series entitled White Tulip
  5. Spring break! Abbreviated because of our one million (felt like it) snow days. However, it’s still a break!


What things did you put on your gratitude list this week?

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16 thoughts on “I Like Beautiful Mornings…

  1. lapaylor

    one of the TED talks I heard this week, was on how acknowledging gratitude makes us happy. Your post made me happy, I’m so glad you’re here with us. Little grey cat is so cute… poor airedale… and they are busy controlling dogs too. Love the morning nature moment. I used to look forward to the show Sunday Morning’s last segment of nature.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I used to enjoy that segment as well and really the whole show. It became a bit too political for me and seemed to have fewer human interest stories (my favorite will always be the guy who simply sharpened pencils) and shorter nature segments. Sadly, it meant I quit watching though sometimes I still catch the moment of nature. And nothing beats my own “moment of nature” on my drive through the park 🙂 Happy Monday!

  2. Roseanne

    Good Morning! Look at that kitty, stretching out to catch every ray. And then posing there to annoy the pup?!! I had a neighbor that kept his dog on a big heavy chain ALL the time (I gave made friends with the poor pup and gave him a treat each day). There was a white cat that walked past that dog several times a day just slightly beyond where the chain would reach. I was sure that one day the chain would snap and that cat would be a goner. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Jocelyn Thurston

    A beautiful post with gorgeous photos! Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. I’m envious but there are some signs here too. I especially love how you are seeing the beauty during the early morning drives.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. It actually cooled down and snowed on Saturday morning! Of course, it warmed back up and nothing stuck so back to sunshine, warmer weather, flowers, and a few bees (!) this afternoon.

  4. Diann Bottrell

    Beautiful sunrises there! Happy Opening Day to you! We’re Colorado Rockies’ fans first, but the Royals are our next favorite team. Our oldest son used to live near Kansas City, so one of our favorite things to do when we visited was take in a ballgame at Kauffman Stadium. We all got pretty excited when they won the World Series a few years ago!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Small world 🙂 Yes, it was such an exciting time. Some of the local schools let the kids have the day off for the parade. Be nice to see a repeat. Happy Monday!

  5. Sandra Walker

    I love a beautiful sunrise and sunset too! You got some beautiful pics. Yes, feels like spring is here with the little flowers everywhere (we get those blue ones too, but not for a couple weeks) and the Tigers played today in Toronto. We’re Tiger fans down here, not Blue Jays! I love grey cats. 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Do you remember what the blue flowers are called? Someone told me once but I’ve forgotten. The bees are enjoying them today! Grey cats (at least the one residing here) certainly have lots of personality.

  6. Sally

    Spring flowers. I’ve been loving people’s posts with them this week. 🙂 I love the colors of your sunrises. What a fuzzy kitty.

    1. Jean Post author

      I have also been enjoying seeing all the spring flowers in the posts. We’re all ready for winter to end, I think. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I don’t think either of my boys has the patience to proofread my blogs though I do sometimes make my oldest proofread my e-mail (especially if I’m sending it to the school). Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful start to the week.

  7. Michele

    Great likes! That kitten is pretty and that is hilarious that she is annoying the dog! 😀 Your flowers are lovely! I see those little blue flowers around here each spring (we don’t have any) and always wonder what they are. Have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I used to know what they were called but I can’t recall. Going to have to do some research and see if I can find out again. I know they come back each year and one year, my pulling a lot of them up (they really do come up right in the middle of the yard) did nothing except perhaps make them come back stronger the next. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!


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