Happy Homemaker Monday, Except It’s Wednesday…

Whew! Super late start this week! Graduation planning makes for whirlwind days. So does our weather though we’ve avoided all the severe stuff.

I really miss it when I don’t get my weeks planned on Monday mornings (or Sunday evenings). However, there’s no time like the present so I’m taking a few minutes on this Wednesday morning (almost afternoon!) to plan the rest of my week.

Going to go ahead and link up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom even if it is a bit later in the week.

The Weather 

Well, we can always use the weather as a topic of conversation living in the Midwest. Right now the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful spring day (just a bit on the chilly side). However, Monday started warm and by the time I got to work…I was freezing outside with the preschool kids. Then, the rain came (back again) in the afternoon and it rained. AND RAINED all night and all day yesterday until about 5 PM. Chances of more rain and thunderstorms tonight and pretty much every day the rest of the week.

On My Reading Pile

Still working my way through The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World by A.J. Baime. Just not enough time to read lately or too tired when I’ve had the time.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

I watched Venom after G’s graduation party. It was what we call a good “bad” movie. Made no sense but was still a bit entertaining.

On My TV

Not sure. It’s a busy weekend coming up and we have stuff to do almost every night. I did watch the finale of The Voice last night. Oh, and we watched the finale of The Enemy Within on Monday evening. It was good.

On My Menu

Two days into the week and I’m still not sure…

MONDAY: We had boxed lasagna, garlic bread, and salad  *I worked 8:30-5*

TUESDAY: We had take-out Chinese from the grocery store for G’s birthday (his request, didn’t even make the poor kid a cake because we had so many cookies left from his grad party) *I worked 8:15-3:45*

WEDNESDAY: I’m really not sure. Something easy, maybe pork chops or breakfast for dinner *We have baccalaureate at 6:30*

THURSDAY: Something lighter probably chicken *I work 8:15-11ish* *J has a baritone lesson at 7:30*

FRIDAY: Maybe OUT to celebrate the last day of school depending on family plans (We have family coming into town for graduation)

SATURDAY: Brisket for lunch after G’s high school graduation, whatever we decide to serve with that *I have a graduation party to go to in the afternoon*

SUNDAY: Taco dinner at my brother’s house (to see out-of-town family)

On My To Do List

  1. Clean.The.House (sort of in progress)
  2. Decide on exact menu for Saturday’s lunch
  3. Find out what time the dinner is on Sunday
  4. Secure one extra ticket for graduation (make sure all family that wants to go has tickets)
  5. Go to bank
  6. Clean the mud off my tennis shoes
  7. Make sure everyone has proper attire for tonight and Saturday
  8. Put my summer work dates into my calendar
  9. Pay bills
  10. Find a tub for the graduation party decorations (I got to keep them for my next kid)
  11. Laundry (in progress)


Not much this week, planning a photo wall in the living room. Last week I made 3 (a bit too many) picture boards for G’s graduation party.

Looking Forward To

G’s graduation, Seeing our out-of-town family, collapsing (currently scheduled for next Wednesday)

From The Camera

Realizing I didn’t take enough photos of the graduation party (a great success, by the way!) or in general last week. All the graduation party pictures are too personal to share so here’s a couple of more glances at our soggy outdoor world taken yesterday: 

What I’m Wearing Today

A red short-sleeved tunic top, black leggings, and floral print crocs. Changing into a dress later.

Simple Pleasure

Having the windows open so a slight breeze can drift through the house. (Fresh air!)

Quote For The Week

Class quote from G’s high school class:

“You’re off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!” (Dr. Seuss)


How are your weekly plans going so far?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Except It’s Wednesday…

  1. Schotzy

    Listen Sweetie, I’ll take take out Chinese anytime I can get.. My favorite food of all time.. Hope your week pans out well for you with all the work and ionterruptions with end of school activities.. Lots going on, Im sure. Take the time to enjoy.. once it is all done and said they next thing you know you’re an empty nester.. and all of a sudden it is very quiet.. and the next thing you know you child hits 30. Just from my own perspective!!!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Our Chinese take out was okay last night. We used to have a restaurant close to home we all loved but it shut down a couple of years ago and we’ve yet to find a good replacement. Trying to breathe and take it in when I can (between all the crazy running around). Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hey Sweetie!
    Well congrats and happy bday to G! And yay to Mom -you survived!! Now it’s my turn. Aahhh!!! Wish me luck

    HOpe your weather starts behaving and that rain gets kicked to the curb soon. Love that inspiration- makes me want to tear up thinking of my guy moving on in life too.

    Blessings on the rest of your week xo

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I survived and have a whole post to write about all of it. You’ll make it through fine. I’m SO sick of rain. Graduation morning was nice but it rained over night both Saturday and last night. Hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

  3. Hooks and Needles

    Arh bless you, you got there with all your graduation plans. Happy birthday! Take care and treasure all these memories, hoping your weather improves, Cathy x

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I finally feel as though I can breathe. The weather…not nice though it did finally stop raining for a day (maybe).

  4. Lucie

    You were late posting and I was late reading 😉 so that makes us even 🙂
    Sometimes weeks like that happen when planning is just not working out – hope you had a great week.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks! Everything worked out and here I am back planning another week late (though not as late as on a Monday). Hope you had a great weekend!

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