Happy Homemaker Monday, On A Tuesday

This is a full work week for me so this is going to be a shorter post. I’m trying to get this written in the 30 minutes I have before I need to leave. Instead of doing other “fun” things like cleaning the bathroom or laundry…

Joining in with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom to plan the week ahead.

The Weather  

Beautiful! Perfect outside weather. Highs close to 80 but low humidity. I do think we’re due a bit of rain later this week or weekend.

On My Reading Pile

I’m almost finished with Map of Bones by James Rollins. It’s the second book in his Sigma Force series so I’m enjoying reading about how some of my favorite characters became friends.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Mostly episodes of Lucifer on Netflix.

On My TV This Week

Local news, more episodes of Lucifer on Netflix though I plan to mostly be outside enjoying the great weather!

On The Menu For This Week

Word for this week’s menu is EASY. Fast might be a bonus word…

MONDAY: Chicken strips, salad, cucumbers *I worked 7-3:30*

TUESDAY: Probably tacos *I work 8:30-5*

WEDNESDAY: Roast in crock pot for BBQ sandwiches *I work 8:30-5*

THURSDAY: Fish and asparagus in air fryer *I work 8:30-5* *J has a baritone lesson at 7:30*

FRIDAY: Leftovers or OUT *I work 8:30-5*

On My To Do List

  1. Get through this week
  2. Father’s Day gifts
  3. Get stamps for G to finish his thank you notes
  4. Make some travel arrangements
  5. Rest (I was sick all weekend and can’t seem to get a day to recoup)

What I Am Creating

Slowly working on my butterfly garden by the corner of the driveway.

Looking Forward To

The Weekend! I can feel the burnout seeping in…some from being sick and lack of sleep, I’m sure, but I need a break.

Looking Around The House

Not even going to worry about it this week though it doesn’t look terrible.

From The Camera 

What I’m Wearing Today

A white top with some kind of floral swirly design and key hole tie plus blue Capri pants that match one of the colors in the top. And my “fancy” Crocs.

One Of My Simple Pleasures

Cutting through the park on my way to work for a quick “moment of nature” before I start my days.

Quote For The Week

Embrace the current season of your life (Gabrielle Blair)


What kind of week is on your agenda?


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14 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, On A Tuesday

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Greetings, Jean! Lovely weather we’re having! It was 53 degrees when I woke up and I’m so enjoying it! Sounds like you’ve got a full week ahead this week. Your menus look great and I love your cardinal pics! We’ve got several cardinals that visit a feeder right outside my office window. I’ve seen as many as five or six at one time. Beautiful! Have a great week, my friend! May many blessings be yours! <3

    1. Jean Post author

      It’s been a great week so far to work (since it’s at a preschool and we can spend large parts of our mornings and afternoons outside. makes a wonderful difference). I’ve really been enjoying watching the baby cardinal. It’s chirping is so distinct I always know when it’s around the feeders. Hope you are having a great week so far!

  2. Rachel

    So sorry you have been sick. Lovely pictures of the cardinals. We have a cardinal pair that we kept seeing on our porch the last few weeks. Then last week a blue jay appeared in the neighborhood and I haven’t seen the cardinals since. The blue jay has been a bully going after some of the other birds in the trees behind us. I hope he didn’t scare them off permanently. I hope you can get some rest this week.
    Rachel recently posted..Weekend Update and a rainy MondayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I broke down today and bought some elderberry syrup (tastes so nasty but really does seem to help). The blue jays probably have a nest in that tree. We have blue jays and cardinals both around here (though they don’t hang out together). Hopefully, your cardinals will reappear. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  3. Billie Jo

    Hope you are feeling better quickly!
    Your bird photos are beautiful!!!!
    I hope you get through this week and can relax…your weather sounds perfect.
    We have sun, but it is cool.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’m finally today feeling like I have my energy all the way back but I did make it through the week 🙂 We’ve had a few thunderstorms and again last night, so I can tell today’s sun is going to be the hot, humid kind. Okay by me though. Hope you’ve had a great weekend and I know you must have a terrific Father’s Day planned.

  4. Hooks and Needles

    Hope you are feeling better Jean, that’s not good when you lose your weekends to illness. Love the bird photos, very cute. In the UK, we have rain, rain and more rain – due all week. We have the fire lit this evening, it’s not terribly cold but continuous rain gets chilly after a while. Temperatures are around 12 – 16*c ish. Take care, Cathy x
    Hooks and Needles recently posted..Reading and listening – May / JuneMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I’m feeling better today just the lingering bits of the bug but have been getting the house back in order and sanitized of the yucky germs. Hope you had a little sun over the week. We had a few surprise thunderstorms move through here and there. Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!

  5. Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    HI Sweetie!

    I so need to get an upgrade on my upstairs tv so I can get Netflix!! There are like a million shows I’d be watching if I had it. Maybe it’s good for me not to have it. Lol

    Love your birdie pics. I hope you can feel better! It’s time to start enjoying summer beautiful Gal. Blessings wished for the rest of your week ❤️

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! It’s definitely hard to stop watching shows on Netflix once they start. I don’t like that the next episodes start automatically on series…makes it so easy for the undisciplined (like myself) to say, oh I’ll just watch one more episode and then, three hours later…LOL! Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

  6. Tamy

    Hope you’re feeling better! Ironically I didn’t care for Lucifer, maybe it was the actor? Love these little birdies! I hope this next week starts better. SEE YOU TOMORROW.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I am feeling so much better though still a bit tired here and there. I like that actor but there are other actors/actresses like that for me where I can’t even watch the shows. The voice of the woman on American Housewife grates on my nerves so much I’ve never made it through 5 minutes of the show even though it’s supposed to be really funny. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Lucie

    Sorry I’m late here. Great pictures – a nature walk is always a good thing during the day. Hope you have a great day.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Yes, spending time in nature always makes me feel better. Hope you’re having a great Monday so far.

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