Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Full Week Ahead

Survived working a full-time schedule last week. It was actually a great week and I enjoyed it. Of course, things around here fell to the wayside a little. One more full-time week to go….

Glad I have these Happy Homemaker Monday posts to keep me on track (and keep me blogging!). It’s actually Sunday but I thought I’d plan my week a bit early since tomorrow will be a busy one. As always, I’ll be linking up with our wonderful host, Sandra over at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather:

Thankfully, no more of this:  What the car said at 3:45 yesterday when I was taking J to an extra baritone lesson. The real temp was closer to 98-99 but it was pretty hot out there. The entire week. This week is supposed to be mostly in the 80’s. Better grab our sweaters, ha!

On The Breakfast Plate:

I’m sure I’ll be having a Chobani flip yogurt and coffee, my standard work day breakfast.

Right Now I Am:

Working on this post, trying to ignore the piles on the bed (I started cleaning off my desk), and thinking about how fast the weekend went.

On My Bedside Table:

One empty storage bin (filled the other one, hooray), a bag of Ziploc space saver bags, and the pillow without a pillow case (really need to figure out a home for the pillow).

On My Reading Pile:

Still working on From the Ground Up by Howard Schultz.

Movies or Shows I Watched This Weekend:

I did take a minute and watch The Grinch  on Netflix. Not exactly the true to the book telling of the story though it stuck to theme.  Still cute and enjoyable. I could watch it again at Christmas but it doesn’t replace the original cartoon. And J didn’t like how they left out the song while the Grinch stole the Christmas items. I pointed out they probably did that on purpose as nothing would beat the original “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” song.

On My TV This Week:

Not sure.

On The Menu This Week:

Planning for another week of easy dinners!

MONDAY: Thinking breakfast for dinner with French Toast sticks, bacon, and eggs*I work 8-4:45* *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Chicken legs, some type of potatoes, salad *I work 8-4:15*

WEDNESDAY: Frozen shrimp/fish in air fryer, salad, maybe baked potatoes *I work 8-5*

THURSDAY: Roast in the crock pot (made into sandwiches) *I work 8-5*

FRIDAY: Chicken strips, salad *I work 8-5*

On My To Do List:

Got a fair amount accomplished today (Sunday)…

  1. Still need to mow the lawn (too hot all week, thunderstorm overnight…SIGH)
  2. Clean off/out this desk (In progress)
  3. Pay bills DONE!
  4. Hotel reservations for upcoming trip DONE!
  5. Hang to dry laundry DONE! Other laundry…Never ending
  6. Go to grocery store
  7. Put sweaters in space bags
  8. Clean the house
  9. Get Happy Retirement card for a friend

Looking Forward To:

Spending some time out-of-town with just the 4 of us.

Looking Around The House:

One day it will be clean. Today is not that day.

From The Camera:

Didn’t even pick up my camera until today!

Poor little gray cat’s been sick with an upper respiratory virus plus somewhere she got a little scrape over her left eye. Vet visit, one week ago Friday, followed by 2 times a day antibiotics and eye cream. And then, back to the vet on Saturday morning to get those needed immunizations. She’s not been too happy with us the last week but she is feeling much better tonight.

My little yellow flowers (are they Black-eyed Susan?) finally started blooming yesterday!  

Spotted a dragonfly on the lemon grass. 

What I’m Wearing Today:

Grey band show shirt and jean shorts. Tomorrow (Monday), I’ll probably wear a preschool t-shirt and Capri pants plus tennis shoes to work.

One Of My Simple Pleasures:

Drinking lemonade and tea mixed together in the summer.

Quote For The Week:

The true secret to happiness lies in the taking a true interest in all the details of daily life. (William Morris)


What are your plans for the week ahead?





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8 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Full Week Ahead

    1. Jean Post author

      Decided to go ahead and make “real” French toast for tonight instead. Thanks. Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

  1. Rebecca Knox

    I hear you, Jean! I go back to work tomorrow and work four in a row (getting ready for daycamp this weekend). I enjoy the extra pay, but, as for myself, I’d just as soon work my regular two and forget the rest. LOL! Am so thankful to have a break in the excessively hot weather. It was absolutely gorgeous here yesterday! Beautiful pics! Hope your week is going well! Blessings, my friend!

    1. Jean Post author

      Hope day camp went well for you. I’m finally done with my busy 2 weeks & weekend (late start this week) and enjoying (believe it or not) our fall like rainy weather this morning. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

  2. Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hello Jean!
    It sure looks like it’s been a hot one there. Geesh!
    And I saw the Grinch with Annie when it was in the theaters. I know what you mean. And I love your nature pics. So pretty! All the black eyed susans are coming out here too.
    I sure hope your kitty feels better!!
    Blessings to you xoxo

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, she’s feeling much better and back to her old self. Been making me let her in and out of the house all morning despite the rain we’re getting right now. Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!

  3. Tamy

    So sorry I’m so late this week. LOL I’ll turn around and be back here tomorrow I’m so late! Sorry it’s been so hot and you’re having to work so much. I loved your photos! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend.

    1. Jean Post author

      Well, I think you’re right on time as I haven’t even managed to get a post up yet & it’s Wednesday! Hope your week was off to a wonderful start!


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