Coming Up on the Blog….

Get ready for actual blog posts! Ha! 

I realized it’s been a bit too long since I published anything but the Monday planning posts. So as kids return to their school routines, I’ll be back to writing posts for this space.

Sometimes they might be shorter and sometimes they might be long and rambling (my true nature…). My goal is to have actual posts in this space. I’ll still be doing the Monday planning posts because I enjoy the blog community Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom cultivates so much.

What? Do I have a plan for this? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

Sort of.

It starts in September. Things I’ll be sharing in September:

My attempt to go sugar-free for the month.

And inspired a bit by my friend, Rebecca from Rebecca’s Hearth and Home, my attempts to combine the sugar-free efforts with a low-spend month. Hopefully, my posts won’t be too cranky!

And of course, I’ll sprinkle in a fair amount of randomness along the way.

Moving into October:

I plan to once again participate in the 31 days challenge. And complete it!

My plan is to get back to the roots of this blog. More on that in October.

November and December: 

Most likely the focus will be all things home and holiday.

Believe it or not I had a little inspiration for a holiday craft I may share during one of these months.

And of course, sprinkled through all these posts….a dose of gratitude. It is my word of the year, after all.





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