Planning for a Spend-Less and Sugar Free September

Turns out, I tried a Spend Less September two years ago. Even wrote a couple of blog posts. And made a graphic for it.  

One post focused on my plans for achieving my spend less month. The other, a summary of the first week. After that, well, life happened. No other posts appear.

This time around, hopefully a lot more success, and because I am insane just for fun I’m combining my spend less month with a sugar-free month.  

Trying to get back into all sorts of good shape for the fall season I suppose. Technically, I guess this should be called a sugar-less September because I’m not giving up all sugar (still doing fruit and bits of super dark chocolate).

So let’s talk about it.

Why a Spend-Less September?

The other fall/winter months are heavy on the expenses around here: Fall birthdays, Winter birthdays (waving to everyone!), Christmas, Annual bills (Hello, Missouri property taxes).

September falls evenly between the crazy expenses of back to school and the beginning of the fall, falling of dollars off our money trees.

Seems like a great time to try to break my (not proud) Bath and Body Works on-line ordering habit. Wish they’d quit sending me all the great deals!

And I don’t know what’s been going on with my grocery shopping lately but the total at the register and the total my budget allows….not even close to each other. We should be well-stocked to survive a grocery bill cut (I hope, anyway!).

What I’ll buy during my Spend-Less September:

Tickets to football games and marching band competitions (a given expense with a kid in the band) plus food when out-of-town for those events and gas to get there.

Groceries to round out what is already in the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  And lunch stuff for J.

Household items such as shampoo and toilet paper if needed.

Why A Sugar Free September?

I’ve been eating too much of it lately and my clothes are a bit too snug

I know I feel better when I don’t eat a lot of sugar

Time to work on being healthy

My Sugar Free Plans:

Drink at least 1 glass of water with peppermint and lemon each day

Fruit for dessert instead of junk

More time outside


Hoping for a very successful September!

Do you have any plans for next month?



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3 thoughts on “Planning for a Spend-Less and Sugar Free September

  1. Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Very smart plans Jean! I hear you too. The holidays come and take over financially and calorically. Lol So great Idea to be smarter now. I have been trying to up my workouts lately and consciously increase my water intake. And I’m thinking of trying to be consistent with an intermittent fasting plan.

    I wish us both luck on being healthier and more frugal next month! Lol ❤️

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I think September is the new January 😉 Hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a fantastic start.

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