Five on Friday: A Rainy Start to Our Weekend

Trying very hard to avoid the temptation to go back to bed today. It rained all night, going to be cloudy all day, I think.

Sharing another Five on Friday to stay in the swing of blogging a bit more regularly.

ONE: Fun Clouds in the Sky

The clouds before the rain

Might as well start with the weather. Felt like summer yesterday afternoon which led to thunderstorms and rain overnight. Cold front means it now feels like fall. Windows open, attic fan working.

TWO: Think I Already Mentioned It Makes Great Sleeping Weather

She refused to use her little cat bed for the longest time. Only when she started sleeping on these abandoned couch cushions (this is in our basement) and my husband put the cat bed on top of them, did she decide to go ahead and give it a try. Works as a great nap spot for her now. Got to get those 10 hour naps each day.

THREE: Bad Habit, Good Customer Service

I think I mentioned in a previous post about my bad Bath and Body Works On-line shopping habit. And yes, I did go and get my free gift with on-line order today because my Spend-Less September doesn’t start until Monday!

However, my last order arrived a mess:  Thankfully, 3 quick e-mail exchanges later, they are replacing my damaged product. And we’re well stocked on soap for a few months! I’ve been pretty true to Target’s Method soap for a long time but they took the yucky stuff out of the Bath and Body Works Soap and the price with a sale is actually cheaper than the Method soap! Plus, who doesn’t love all those fun scents?

FOUR: An Epiphany Moment

A picture of our dirty welcome mat added just for fun. My plans for today: work on the blog a bit, catch up on laundry, clean the house (somehow…this is a tough one in the middle of a remodel project with things moved everywhere), and catch up on Netflix. Enjoy some alone time before we’re all together all weekend.

A text asking me to work. No “real” plans….but I want to do my stuff. Suddenly, my thought arrives: Plans with myself are just as important to keep as plans with other people. 

I seldom say no (it’s why I get called a lot and one of the challenges of being a substitute, the discipline required to say yes more often than you say no) but today, I did. I decided to keep my plans with myself.

Also, I my son may have told me I look like Billy from Stranger Things after seeing my newly permed hair yesterday. Not that I’m vain (or maybe I am) but I can’t wash for 48 hours, have to air dry and figured a curling iron wouldn’t be the best. Let’s stick with the it’s important to keep plans with myself part.

FIVE: Progress on Our Bedroom Project

I’m ready to paint! Apparently, there are still a few steps to complete (and walls to sheet rock). More time to envision my “perfect” bedroom with a soft blue hue on the walls, matching furniture, long sheer flow-y to the floor curtains, a navy/blush color scheme (maybe), and a white ceiling fan. Wondering about shimmer-y white paint for the ceiling fan as well as how much of this idea the husband shall veto. The joys of two people needing to agree.






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2 thoughts on “Five on Friday: A Rainy Start to Our Weekend

  1. Deanna

    wow! so cool! After all these years your bedroom is getting done! How does it look? How much further until it’s done?

    1. Jean Post author

      We have 75 percent of the sheet rock done and now….once again on hold. Still progress is progress, right? 🙂

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