Low-Spend, Low-Sugar September: Notes From Week 1

Happy Sweet September to you! I’m really hoping for a sweet month despite its lack of sugar. And I really thought I had an extra day. Turns out our month started on a Sunday, not on Monday.

While I’m not completely sure I am going to make these notes public (I probably will), my plan is to make little notes each day for each week of my Low-Spend, Low-Sugar month.

DAY 1 (Sunday, September 1):

My starting date for hopefully feeling better and maybe losing a pound or two along the way.

Starting weight: 4.5 over the “bad” number.  (I know the number but sorry, some things are too personal to share)  Also worth noting, skin is a bit of a mess and I have itchy patches on my legs.

Starting mood: tired, feel like a slight sore throat lingers in the background along with a slight headache.

A bit of inspiration in the shower: I’m going to treat this month as an “at-home” spa retreat! They wouldn’t feed me crappy, sugar-laden food at one of those (I’ve never been but I don’t think they would do that).

We ate out for dinner. Belated anniversary dinner at a Japanese steak house. Spent some money for that.

DAY 2 (Monday, September 2):

Not a great start to things today. Couldn’t pass up the kettle corn. Or the frozen lemonade. And had one of the Nutter butter cookies my husband bought.

Did eat more fruit than I’ve been (and no, I’m not counting the lemonade as fruit). Still have the sore throat, fighting it today.

Drank my peppermint and lemon water this morning. Drinking more water.

DAY 3 (Tuesday, September 3):

Today was a bit easier probably because I worked most of it. Sore throat still. Drank the peppermint and lemon water this morning. Drinking unsweetened tea tonight because summer’s back!

Went to Sam’s club, necessary expense. Water for husband’s work/kid lunch, managed to keep the crazy impulse purchases to minimum. A win since I went right before dinner. A bag of pure apple chips. Just apples. Not counting out fruit in this low/no sugar thing.

Craving root beer. Weird. Yes.

DAY 4 (Wednesday, September 4):

Forgot to mention yesterday, a great incentive for a low-spend September: a check in the mail! Checked out the Missouri treasurer unclaimed property office website & found I had $9 sitting there. Technically, $9 and 1 cent but I didn’t worry about the 1 cent.  Happy surprise since I  didn’t expect anything. Worth checking out. I would think there’d be something similar for most states.

Also, J, the kid who hardly ever wants to go anywhere, asked me to take him to Target last night. No extra purchases for me. A win!

Set my mouth on fire a bit this morning putting a jalapeno pepper from the garden in my eggs (and two cherry tomatoes!). Still drinking the peppermint/lemon water.

DAY 5 (Thursday, September 5)/DAY 6 (Friday, September 6):

My work schedule changed a bit and I lost a day somewhere this week. Yesterday was the only day I didn’t drink my peppermint/lemon water. Started my day too early for it, worked starting at 7:30 a.m.

Thursday I forgot and had French toast bites for dinner with the sausage and scrambled eggs (cleaning out upstairs freezer).  Also, ended up drinking a Coke at the football game last night to stay awake (see 7:30 a.m. work starting time referenced above.)

DAY 7, Saturday Morning Thoughts:

Not a perfect start to my low-spend, low-sugar month but not bad considering how much sugar consuming and spending (My last Bath and Body Works splurge box arrived yesterday) I’d been doing lately.  And, the scale registered just 2.5 lbs above the bad number this morning!

Do I feel better? I’ll tell the truth. This morning, I feel tired and grouchy. Not enough sleep. We have a wedding to attend to tonight and I will eat a piece of wedding cake. Wedding cake is not an everyday thing and I intend to enjoy it.

Next week, I’ll continue my cleaning out the fridge as part of the low-spend journey and try again to merge it with the low-sugar month.


How did your first week of September go?



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2 thoughts on “Low-Spend, Low-Sugar September: Notes From Week 1

  1. Lucie

    I liked reading this post – I think you are doing a good job and I like that you added how you feel to this series, it’s good to know if it works or not (less sugar).
    Very interesting.

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