Low-Spend, Low-Sugar September: Notes From Week 2

On to week 2! Really enjoyed the wedding cake on Saturday night though I found it a tad sweet.

Plans for this week include continuing with the peppermint/lemon water and finding an easy activity (and time for it). My walk around the block buddy isn’t as enthused now that it’s marching season.  



I wanted muffins for breakfast on Sunday but 17 grams of sugar! And my beloved Crunchy Granola Raisin Bran…about the same! Ended up with toast and leftover sausage.

Also had a few squares of a dark chocolate & cherry candy bar (before I’d have eaten the whole bar so the fact a lot of it remains in the freezer is a win).

Spent more at the grocery store than intended but I also took advantage of a big sale and stocked up on a few snack items for the boys.  Think the trick will be to say “there will always be another sale” to myself. A lot.


Woke up feeling refreshed. Hasn’t happened in a long time.

Still 2.5 above the bad number for Monday morning. Bought some low-sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal at the store last night. So it was nice to have a different breakfast from eggs.


I’m not sure what happened the rest of the week. Somewhere around Wednesday I hit a bump on the low-sugar thing. Not a small one either, more like a bounce out of the wagon, roll down the hill kind of bump.  Worked more than I anticipated but I don’t think that was the main cause.

Just a bit of a bickering week with the spouse and food’s my emotional thing. Lettuce leaves aren’t as soothing as a few vanilla wafers.

The spend part was okay for these days. Didn’t buy anything extra besides another bag of apple chips and some individual apple chip bags on sale (great to take to work!).

Didn’t drink my lemon peppermint water these days either.


Worked all day on Friday, bought Subway on the way home (football game day tradition).

Saturday, we woke up to ants in the pantry! UGH. So the plan to clean out the freezers turned into to cleaning out the pantry. It’s all still sitting on the kitchen table while the Terro does its thing.

Low-Spend, Low-Sugar out the window yesterday as I had to go the hardware store for the ant baits. Somehow, I didn’t make it past the 50% off bird feeders. G and I also went out to lunch at Slim Chickens. My husband worked & J didn’t want to leave the house (wiped out from band) so we grabbed him McDonald’s before we left.


Not a great week 2. However, I’m not giving up just yet. Woke up and had eggs & spinach plus toast this morning (nice lower sugar breakfast) and am back to drinking my peppermint/lemon water.

Noticed I do much better all around on days when I’ve slept well.

A stack of bills to pay this week will hopefully curb the spending itch a bit & maybe I’ll finally get our freezer cleared out some.



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