Low-Spend, Low-Sugar September: Week 3 Notes

Hoping this is a better week than the last one!

The morning already started off a bit rough. Didn’t sleep well, lots of bickering, and still tired as I need to head off to work in a few minutes.  


Overall, not a terrible day. Back to drinking my peppermint and lemon water. Not sure my little vials of oil will last. Of course, buying some more puts me at odds with the low-spend part of the month.

Didn’t eat any huge sugary snacks so we’ll call that day a win. Not sure how much sugar a QT pretzel contains (dinner for all of us, pantry project took all our kitchen counter space making cooking pretty much impossible).


At least, I’m off to a decent start on the low-sugar thing. Eggs for breakfast, summer sausage, cheese & crackers (tiny ones) for lunch. Another glass of peppermint and lemon water today.

Would like to go shopping today.


Ended up going grocery shopping last night (not the kind of shopping I wanted to do) and somehow way over the budget! I’m going to review my receipt later as I usually don’t go over my budget by so much ($20!) and only mainly shopped the edges last night. Think there were buy this & get free items that they charged me for instead. May be going back for a refund. Or, I over did things.

Today, I need to venture to Target so that should be a good challenge. We’re out of some household items. Sam’s club might go on the list as well since our bottled water is running low but hopefully, that one can hold off until the weekend.

Thinking of making a list of things I’ve wanted to buy but haven’t: Fresh flowers for kitchen table, boots I saw on a Facebook ad (I’ll need some come winter), pretty much everything in the Bath & Body works e-mails, lots of Chiefs stuff at the grocery store….

No worries about sugar too much this morning. Ate something for lunch yesterday (I think it was too old summer sausage) that did my stomach in for the night. Had pancakes with the boys so not the best dinner choice but had to eat a little something.  Bunco tonight so I’ll just try not to overdo.


The end of last week went by in a bit of a blur.

Pretty sure I worked every day. I need to keep better track. Schedules were switched around on me a bit which gets confusing.

One of my husband’s clients gave him some Neiman Marcus cookies that he didn’t care for much. Of course, I liked them. They were super rich so I took half of one to work each day.

On a positive note, I did turn down the extra cookie from a birthday celebration at work.

Didn’t do awful on the spending. Went to Target and only bought a candy bar (yes, not doing great on the low-sugar thing) extra. Can’t remember the last time I went to Target alone and only bought 3 items.

Also, lost track of doing the peppermint lemon water again. Maybe I’ll have a glass today though just peppermint water as I’m out of lemon.


Glad this is the last full week!  I’ll probably give this low-spend, low-sugar thing another try in a less busy season. Does such a season even exist? Maybe January….


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