Happy Homemaker Monday On A Sunday Night

Happy Last Sunday in September! I just found out I’ll be working in the morning so I’m sitting here working on my post. And wondering why my weekend ran away in such a hurry.

It was busy but I still wish it could have stayed a bit longer. Here’s a brief recap of our weekend:

The high school moved the Friday night football games to Thursday out of weather concerns, made for a long day for me (worked til 6 then off to cheer on my favorite marching band on the field, football team as well). After work Friday, the rain came late so I had time to mow the front yard. Much needed.

Saturday, we spent the entire day on the road and at a marching band competition in southern Missouri. The predicted rain mostly held off and we only had to seek shelter from a brief downpour once and it happened after all the bands had their preliminary turns.  Our band took home a well-deserved 3rd place trophy from the finals competition! We didn’t arrive home until close to 2 AM last night as we drove through some thunderstorms.

The lovely cat cried out her displeasure at being ignored bright and early at 5 AM this morning. Thankfully, I was able to back to bed until about 8 but my poor husband had to work most of today. The Chiefs game gave us enough of a rush that we didn’t need to celebrate national coffee day around here! We do get to celebrate another football win though. Hooray!

And now it’s time to plan the week ahead.

The Weather

Rainbows are hard to photograph! It’s off to the left but there is a rainbow in the photo above (taken after the brief downpour on Saturday afternoon).

Summer isn’t leaving us without a fight. Highs in the upper 80’s until Wednesday. Then, fall gets to try again with highs in the upper 60’s. And always those chances of more rain on Wednesday & Thursday. So far it looks like we’ll get a nice football Friday evening.

On My Reading Pile

After finishing The Two Lila Bennetts by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, I haven’t picked up another book. Guess I better find one before J’s lesson tomorrow night.

On My TV

Still fascinated with the Mr. Robot series. Probably explains the lack of reading. Plus all the season premieres are starting. Watched The Goldbergs, Single Parents, and Modern Family. And tried out a couple new shows…probably not the best sign I can’t remember the names of them: the one about the little girl found by the plane crash & the one with the gal from How I Met Your Mother.  I just watched the season premiere of God Friended Me and will watch Seal Team on Wednesday.

On My Menu

Another somewhat odd week and I’m still working on a big freezer clean out….got rid of some old French Toast sticks and French Toast tonight at dinner.

MONDAY: Honey Teriyaki Chicken Bites, rice, salad? *I work 7:30-3:45* *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Apple cider pork chops (trying something new), baked sweet potatoes, fried apples *J has early morning band practice* *I work 1-4:30* *Mom’s Night Out*

WEDNESDAY: Maybe chili if the weather is truly cool *J has early morning band practice* *I work 1-4:30*

THURSDAY: Popcorn chicken in the air fryer or frozen pizza/salad *I work 1-4:30* *J has evening band practice*

FRIDAY: OUT *Football game tradition* *I’m meeting a friend for coffee in the AM*

On My To Do List

  1. Continue working on freezer clean out
  2. Take back library books (still need to do this!)
  3. Get a spare key made
  4. Buy windshield wiper fluid for car
  5. Do a little more fall decorating
  6. Work on blog posts

Looking Around the House

I did a little more fall decorating around the mess, my fall leaves lights make me happy. And so do my candles. 

From The Camera

I thought this church building was so beautiful! 

This colorful little moth was attached to our door on Saturday morning: 

And one last photo, I was in awe of this predawn sky on Friday morning as I was leaving for work: 

Quote For The Week

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you flows from it. (Proverbs 4:23)


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4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday On A Sunday Night

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Your work weeks sound like mine lately. I have no idea what happened to my “part time…two or three days a week” position…but…all this will be behind me soon and I will settle into winter hours and be wishing for more. LOL! I love your fall decor…especially the lighted leaves! Super nice! I’m planning on chili tomorrow, too. Will be so glad when the big cool down arrives! I do hope MO TOWN doesn’t get rained out Saturday. Any chance of you being there? If so, message me so we can say, “Hey!”…even if for just a minute or two. Have a great rest of the week and a lovely October! Blessings, my friend!
    Rebecca Knox recently posted..Happy Homemaking Monday – September 30, 2019My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I may be changing up the chili tonight as it’s still hot & muggy this morning though we did get a tiny bit of rain early. I guess they’re still predicting the big downpours for this afternoon. I hope they don’t get rained out as well. The band has a parade to march in on Saturday so it’s doubtful I’ll get out there. Hope you get to go and have a great time though!

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