My Fall Bushel List

Why settle for just a fall bucket list? I’ve decided to make a fall bushel list instead! Might as well dream big and see how many of these things I can really manage before winter arrives on December 21st. Note my list is in a very random order. Bold items added to make post easier to read.

  1. Enjoy a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

  2. Go on a hike to see the fall colors on the trees
  3. Attend all the high school marching band competitions (2 down)
  4. Make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and share recipe on the blog
  5. Visit Louisburg Cider Mill and get some apple cider
  6. Make my mom’s apple cake and share recipe on the blog
  7. Enjoy my fall scented candles on a dark, rainy day
  8. Plant tulip bulbs
  9. Watch for migrating birds
  10. Make apple cinnamon leaf ornaments for a fall tree

  11. Go see the Zombieland sequel
  12. Get some pumpkins to decorate house
  13. Make a few Halloween goody bags to pass out on Halloween
  14. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
  15. Have a fire in our homemade fire pit/roast marshmallows/make s’mores
  16. Celebrate fall birthdays (just realized my birthday is “technically” a fall birthday even though it’s in December)
  17. Try to talk family into attending Christmas In The Sky before Thanksgiving
  18. Organize and sort through fall decor, get proper storage bin for it.
  19. Replace bench cushion on the front porch
  20. Stain/weatherproof backyard deck
  21. Make cinnamon sugar pecans

  22. Get house ready for winter (fall cleaning)
  23. Make and enjoy vegetarian chili
  24. Walk on crunchy leaves
  25. Visit a corn maze/pumpkin patch
  26. Make a pumpkin pie
  27. Bring some outdoor plants inside (need to get pots)
  28. Collect some pine cones
  29. Eat some candy corn (but not so much it makes me sick! Goal)
  30. Learn a craft

  31. Buy a cinnamon broom for the front door
  32. Have a lazy Netflix day
  33. Finish my reading goal for the year (11 books to go as of today)
  34. Drink a hot tea in the afternoon
  35. Go to the Farmer’s Market before they close for the year
  36. Visit the KC Zoo
  37. Attend a fall festival
  38. Make Taco soup
  39. Go to Trader Joe’s for some fall inspired treats
  40. Try the Halloween Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery (J and I already agreed we need to get the smallest size and maybe split it even)

  41. Clean out car, make sure there are blankets in trunk for cold evening football games
  42. Try out the new coffee shop near my work (I received a gift card for it last Christmas and still haven’t made it in there!)
  43. Host a get together in our home
  44. Make fried green tomatoes
  45. Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special (it’s my favorite one)


How do you plan to enjoy the fall season?



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4 thoughts on “My Fall Bushel List

  1. lapaylor

    well, you’ll keep busy! Do you think you’ll do most of these? I do.
    Fried green tomatoes… well I might have to try that with the tomatoes that finally fleshed out on the vine only to have frost last night. While covering them I broke a branch and took it inside.
    It feels good to make a list and know what would make you feel good. I’d say that’s VERY organized.

  2. Jean Post author

    Thank you for your kind words. Knowing me, I’ll probably at least do all the food related items. Hope to conquer at least half of them. Our first frost warnings are probably around the corner, it’s finally chilly at night and in the mornings OR it’ll warm back up and be in the mid-80’s again. Who knows around here. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jean recently posted..Low-Spend, Low-Sugar September: Notes From Week 2My Profile

  3. Kristina Nelson

    I love #30. I try to learn something new each year and I also try to can a new recipe each year. This year I failed miserably. Hoping for a better year next year.

    1. Jean Post author

      I should be better about trying new things. Hope 2020 (seems weird to type that!) is a much better year for you!

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