First Impressions of My New Small Camera

I broke my good bridge camera. SIGH. Just as I was getting the hang of it and taking an e-mail course trying to learn the DSLR stuff. Telling myself I’d get the full on DSLR camera maybe at Christmas or after finishing the e-mail course.

There’s no coming back from a bent lens on a bridge camera. Especially when the lens must extend for the camera to turn on and the bent lens prevents that tiny detail.  

My husband told me to just go ahead and order the camera I wanted (using “my” work money…it’s all the same though isn’t it?). However, his annoying ways through the years influenced me enough that I did some research first. The one I want goes on sale significantly on Black Friday. Less than 2 months (!!) away. SIGH. Sometimes it’s no fun being a responsible adult.

My phone is outdated and I still like it but not so much the phone camera. I wanted a small camera to get me through the next couple of months. I decided on a Sony W-800 made reasonably priced by a small stash of those $5 Target gift cards I hoarded.  

The small size is nice and it fits in my purse (I already had a camera bag suited to a small camera from my first Nikon Cool Pix camera).  I’m finding macro/close-up photos a bit of a challenge. 

Though the camera did a nice job capturing my live model’s expression. 

I’m still playing with the settings and see lots more photo editing in my future while learning to use this interim camera.

“The best camera is the one you have with you”

Still I’m happy I was able to get any sort of new camera as I was quite lost not being able to grab a camera throughout the week. 

I still need to watch some sort of tutorial, learn more about my new camera but so far I’m happy enough with it. Seems as if it will function as a great backup and portable camera even after I get the “real” camera I’m waiting ever so impatiently to order (thinking birthday/Christmas gift on that one).

How many cameras do you own? And since I’m still researching things just a bit, what brand do you favor? I lean toward Nikon mainly because that’s what I’ve been using while learning.

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