Reflecting On A Year Of Gratitude

I’m still searching for that perfect word for next year. Some current contenders rattling around in my brain: connect, forgive, moment, and a find your word quiz gave me “bloom.” Doubt that will be the one.

Meanwhile, even though it took a while to hit on the right word for 2019, Gratitude fit this year so well.  I thought I’d take a moment and reflect back on it month by month.


I published my first gratitude list on January on the third Tuesday of the year. Apparently, shortly after a snow storm and while J was sick.  Health is always a great thing to be thankful for in the height of cold/flu season!


Kept up very well with all the gratitude lists in February! Though it seems so long ago, the winter hit hard in February as shelter from the storm was a recurrent theme on the lists. And family. And friends.


I was still going strong on gratitude lists in March. And those gratitude lists helped ease a bit of the pain of losing my husband’s grandfather.


This was a great month filled with travel and our annual Easter brunch. I had a bit of the blahs but springtime always gratefully, let’s me beat them. A bit of hindsight gratitude here that my husband’s aunt who we lost in early October was able to come up for brunch and stay with us.


I didn’t publish as many gratitude lists this month as we were BUSY with a kid graduating high school and all the fun that brings.  One list from the month summed up the joys of springtime flowers, friendships, and family amid the chaos. And again, I’m so grateful our aunt was able to be here for G’s graduation.


This month brought us a wedding to attend (and more time spent with our aunt) and some quiet moments to just relax. And I spent a lot of time working which I loved (mostly).


Another super busy month and one where I didn’t post anything except the Happy Homemaker Mondays. However, glancing at those posts brings gratitude for busy days working, a trip to Oklahoma where we spent more bittersweet time with family while cleaning out my husband’s grandfather’s home.  And more travel to Springfield, Mo where G initially planned to go to college. Plus the joy of J performing in his first music contest and doing very well!


Again no lists but glancing back at my posts fills me with gratitude for a smooth transition into high school (and marching band!) for J. Reading lots of great books! G’s decision to stay home and attend community college to avoid debt. A smart, mature decision that I honestly struggled with a bit (I already bought the shirt for the other college! HA).


I can tell how life gets busy in the fall as my posts start to diminish in number though I did make a valiant effort to post about some crazy low-spend, low-sugar September idea. Should really do that in January but…well, maybe.  Back in September, we attended our 2nd wedding of the year and J’s first marching band competition. I remember my beloved summer weather stuck around a bit as well.


This month was a rough one.

We lost my husband’s aunt and then found out as we prepared to leave for her funeral, his grandmother passed away. I find myself focusing on my word of the year and remembering to be grateful for the time we had with them both. And time spent with all family and friends.

And that J loved the apple chip cake my mom used to make. I see it getting made again each fall. My camera also broke in October and I tried a smaller, less expensive one for a bit. Thankful, I was able to hammer out the lens of my beloved Nikon bridge camera to bring it back.


I did do a quick gratitude list this month. A Five on Friday type thing, which I evidently never published. Oops!  A blog, food, family & friends, and the weather. Oh, that’s only four. Now, I know why it didn’t get published.

This month was also a bit rough as we typically spent Thanksgiving in Oklahoma but with the loss of so much family stayed here. We spent a quiet Thanksgiving with my two of my brothers. We now have family drama/family not speaking to all of us on my side (since the beginning of the year). It’s painful but I’m thankful for the good times.


And here we are at the last day of the last month of the year. Always grateful for my health, especially this year as I turned the big 5-0. I don’t feel that. And I think that’s a good thing. The chance to spend lots of time running around with J for music stuff. A husband who worked hard all year (and while not mentioned specifically in this post was mentioned in most gratitude lists). An amazing older son who is such a peacemaker.

Finally, I was thankful for all the Happy Homemaker Mondays hosted by Sandra from Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom which gave me a reason to come to this blog during times I’d have probably ignored it all together. And for joining in with Tamy over at Chasing My Life for Blogmas (though I fizzled a bit and completely didn’t finish). Doing that kept me in the Christmas spirit during a year when the blahs threatened big time.


What things are you grateful for as you reflect on 2019? Oh, and Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Reflecting On A Year Of Gratitude

  1. lapaylor

    good luck finding your word, or letting it find you. One person said let go of the search and be quiet and let your word find you. I chose forgiveness one year, and it was a very difficult year where I explored the meaning in many different ways. Hard but important, and Desmond Tutu’s book was worth gold.
    I liked your round up here. LeeAnna

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Not sure I’m patient enough to wait for my word to find me although I can hear it leaving hints for me. I’ll have to look into his book though I’m leaning a different way with my word choice (at the moment).

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