My Word For 2020: Home

A new word for the year to start the decade took a bit of thought.

I started by reflecting on 8 years of words. Almost a decade! Almost a blog post!

My words of the past 8 years:

2012: No

2013: Present

2014: Action

2015: Chapter

2016: Celebrate

2017: Rediscover, Revive, and Renew

2018: Embrace

2019: Gratitude


The words from 2018 and 2019 worked the best for me. Experience? Maybe I learned something from the previous years mixed results? Perhaps.

None of the words I considered while reflecting on my year of gratitude made the cut.  I felt kind of stuck, not that there’s pressure to choose a word but I just like to have one. Maybe making my list of 20 things for 2020 would help narrow down my focus. It did!

New word contenders jumped into the mix. Don’t you know this word of the year is some kind of weird mixed up beauty contest in my mind?  Renew….Revive….Restore….seems to be a theme.

Also, sounds like an add for beauty products. Does it not? Somehow, none of them quite fit although I tried to make them for a bit. Printed out some free art, googled their definitions, put them in the Pinterest search bar.

Looked at my 20 for 2020 list again and realized I had the perfect word for my year all along. So much of what I want to do and how I feel comes from this place. 

My word for 2020 is going to simply be HOME. Seems like such a simple word but really home is much more than a place isn’t it? It’s a feeling, a comfort, a place to shelter from the world. A place to recharge. A place to fill with love (why I made my o into a heart on the graphic).

Did you pick a word for 2020 yet? What did you choose?


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