Home Love Plans For The Week

Thought about calling these posts “home work” plans for the week.  Wait, what posts? Oh, this is my first one focusing on my word for the year.

I’ve decided to list some ways I plan to love on my home each Tuesday. Maybe just a simple to do list, maybe a bit more. It’s an evolving thing much like my word of the year. Decided against calling them home work plans because I don’t feel much love toward that phrase.

Do you think it was a pretty strong, positive sign I picked the right word when I stumbled across this card on Sunday: 

I was searching for a birthday card in my stash of unused cards (tell me everyone has one of those?) and stumbled across this.  Pretty strong message

Here’s the inside if you’re curious. It’s actually a Valentine’s Day card from a few years back where we forgot to give them or something and I stashed the cards to use the following year and then, forgot about them. 

Okay, moving on from stories and to this week’s list of home love items.

Home Love For The Week Ahead:

  1. Make a Three King’s Cake and nice dinner for the Epiphany (DONE)
  2. Put away Christmas decorations
  3. Clean and clear out two more kitchen cabinets. I did the two above the stove on Sunday. Look, space!
  4. Figure out storage for video gaming that makes everyone happy and doesn’t look like clutter to me.
  5. Take an overall cleaning supply/oils/candles inventory…maybe some clearing out of that stuff as well. And perhaps replacing with some new to freshen things up for the month/year.

Starting with a short list for this week. My main focus for January is the kitchen so there may be a lot more kitchen related tasks in my next post.

Now, I need to go and find my wreath keeper box. I KNOW I have one. Have you seen it?

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