What’s Going On Wednesday, Middle Of First Week of 2020

Since I seem to be in a good rhythm with posting, here’s a quick update of how the week looks so far in my world.

Took (overdue) books back to the library yesterday and found this gem while wandering the shelves: 

While maybe not completely relevant, it made this quote pop into my mind:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. (Paulo Coelho)

I also put away the last of the Christmas decorations yesterday. And couldn’t even make this stuff up, just as I finished, two Jehovah’s Witnesses appeared at my door. While I (hopefully) was respectful and polite, I don’t see myself converting to a religion that doesn’t celebrate any holidays.

And true to my word, I looked up the reasons on their website. I remain unconvinced and will stick with my mixed up background beliefs founded in the Baptist/Catholic/Lutheran churches. Thank you very much.

Now that we’ve cleared that air….how about a new candle scent?

I was tired of Christmas scents though I suppose technically hot cocoa and cream could go winter once I took away the twisted peppermint small candle beside it.  However, I pulled this out of the closet and now I really wish I’d have bought two! We all love this one. Not even sure how to describe it…a bit of a clean scent with a faint perfume-y undertone but it doesn’t overwhelm.

In slightly related news, I need to restock my candle stash a bit.

Back to putting away Christmas:

What do you do with poinsettia plants after Christmas? After much debate, I moved ours down to the basement window behind this desk. It’s nice to have a bit of life and color down here. We’ll see how long they survive Really, I’m surprised they made it this long.


Today’s plans involve a trip to Target, Bath & Body Works, and possibly the grocery store. Time to clear out two more kitchen cabinets. A night without any running/picking up of the high school kid. Keeping an eye on the news. A quick whole-house clean up. And of course, laundry.

What’s going on in your world on this Wednesday?



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2 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday, Middle Of First Week of 2020

  1. Rachel

    I had to run to Kroger to get some bananas this morning. I started having leg cramps last night and I think my potassium is low. Had a banana this morning and they are much better. I switched out my scentsy smells for lemon yesterday after burning peppermint for the last few weeks. Like you I was tired of Christmasy smells. LOL Oh and being honest I am sitting here across from 2 huge overflowing baskets of laundry that need folded, but felt like I should check out blogs and maybe blog too first. Priorities, right? LOL Have a good Wednesday!
    Rachel recently posted..Back to RealityMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Glad the bananas are helping. I’ve heard leg cramps also come from being slightly dehydrated, might make sure you are drinking enough water or drink a bit more. Half my laundry is dumped on the bed upstairs and half is down here. I do need to get that together. Happy Wednesday to you as well!

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