Home Love Plans: Valentine’s Day Is One Month Away!

Did you choose a word for the year? How’s your focus on it going so far?

My word, home, feels so much like the right choice at this time. I can tell it’s going to be a good year with a good word. Before I get to my list of home love plans for this week, I want to review what happened last week. 

My home love items from last week were:

  1. Make a Three King’s Cake and nice dinner for the Epiphany.  DONE  although full disclosure: my timing was not great and everyone had somewhere to be Monday night so it was a kind of eat on the fly night. We did have a nice leftover meal of turkey sandwiches and homemade potato chips later in the week. And it took until Saturday, for someone to find the lucky cashew. G holds the honor for this year.
  2. Put away Christmas decorations. DONE
  3. Clean and Clear out two more kitchen cabinets. DONE Look at this progress: See that tiny teacup up there on the right? It’s what my parents used to give us “coffee” as kids. I found it hidden way back in the cabinet behind too much junk. Now, I see it and smile every time I open these cabinets. Only baking dishes and tools in the baking cabinet. I relocated (and threw away!!) a lot of baking goods/expired things. And one last picture, lest you think all this happened by magic:
  4. Figure out storage for video gaming that makes everyone happy and doesn’t look like clutter. Didn’t happen as I got super focused in the kitchen.
  5. Overall cleaning supply inventory/Refresh. Not exactly done but did determine we are out of many things. Planning to go to Target this week.

Not bad progress for my first week, I think. I also bought some yellow roses and plunked them down right in the middle of my sorting mess on the kitchen table. You can see that picture in yesterday’s post if interested.

For this week, I’m keeping my focus mostly on the kitchen as I’ve dubbed January as “kitchen month.”

Home Love Items For This Week:

  1. Put out Valentine’s Day garden flag (Have to put some easy ones on my list!)
  2. Clear out last upper kitchen cabinet (the one with the coffee cups and glasses)
  3. Clean and clear out silverware drawer (It contains so much more!)
  4. Clean and clear out one lower cabinet (We only have 2 so I should probably just do both)
  5. Figure out a new “staging” area for my kitchen clear out project so we can eat dinner on the kitchen table. (May need to have my husband bring up an extra table).
  6. Get some nice smelling dish soap. The top rack of our dishwasher is not working so lots of doing dishes by hand over here. And I’m thinking it might be a great chance to try out some of the Mrs. Meyers stuff everyone seems to love.
  7. Drop off box of kitchen stuff donations


Check back next Tuesday when I’ll update you on how it went with my home love plans for the week and share my new ones.






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