Home Love Plans For A Wintry Week

Looks as though winter is here for a while after all. Hard to believe less than a month ago, we were enjoying warm weather around the fire pit in the backyard without coats. On Christmas! Wouldn’t want to go out there now on this 12 degree day without coats and hats and gloves.

Good week to stay inside, warm and cozy, at home. Except I have to work.  Somehow, now every day except today. How does that happen? Thankfully, mostly afternoons so I should still be able to get some home love in during the mornings.

Let’s see how I fared last week.

My Home Love Items From Last Week:

  1. Put out the Valentine’s Garden Flag. DONE
  2. Clear out last upper kitchen cabinet (one with coffee cups and glasses) DONE
  3. Clean and clear out silverware drawer. DONE  Here’s the before:

    AND AFTER:  

  4. Clean and clear out one lower cabinet. DONE Did both plus the two drawers above them. Lighting is bad on that side of kitchen so only took an in progress photo of all the stuff:
  5.  Figure out new staging area besides kitchen table. Didn’t succeed at this one. However, did get it cleared off enough for us to eat dinner there one night so not all hope is lost!
  6. Get some nice smelling dish soap. DONE Used a Target gift card to buy some Mrs. Meyers cleaning products including Lemon Verbena dish soap. I like the dish soap. However, confess to still preferring my Method cleaning supplies. 
  7. Drop off box of kitchen stuff donation. Weather got in the way on this one. Hopefully, I can get it done today. Pretty big box of stuff to go:

Going to keep the list for this week a bit shorter, I think.

Home Love Items For This Week:

  1. Clean out final cabinets, the two under the sink. I don’t think this should take long as it’s mostly storage of cookie sheets and a few cleaning supplies. Not a lot of room there.
  2. Clean out last kitchen drawer. It’s a true junk drawer and I’ve been avoiding it.
  3. Clean out all the freezers. Upstairs, the deep freeze downstairs, and see if anything is lurking in the extra fridge freezer (we mainly use the extra fridge for water, drinks, etc). Here’s a peek at the current state of the regular attached to the fridge freezer:
  4. Wipe down front of all the cabinets and appliances.
  5. Look into getting cushions for the kitchen chairs.


Next week is my last week in the kitchen for my home project. So far, I’m excited about the progress I’ve made. Starting to think about what room (or rooms) to tackle next.

Are you doing any major home cleaning/clearing out projects? How’s it going?

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2 thoughts on “Home Love Plans For A Wintry Week

  1. Rachel

    Great job Jean! The kitchen is really coming along. I am working on decluttering and deep cleaning but not necessarily in one area. Yesterday I deep cleaned and organized my desk area (got a small box of stuff to donate (old computer game disks, 2 portable cd players that were stuffed in a drawer, etc.). The other day I cleaned and decluttered my curio cabinet. I am finding that doing these little projects is helping me to feel accomplished.
    Rachel recently posted..What we ate and what we will eat! (Week 3 of 52)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’m super excited with the kitchen so far. It’s funny to think about now (after being married 20 + years) but my husband lived here before me (he already had the house) and so I never really “set up” the kitchen. Just doing such a little thing like adding the liner to the drawers made me feel so much better and “home-y”. I think those little projects really add up to help with the decluttering as well. Sounds like you are doing great as well!

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