Home Love Plans For The Last Week Of January

I must admit all my kitchen clearing has left me feeling a bit accomplished. Even if I didn’t get every single thing on last week’s list completed. I made great progress! And we almost have our kitchen table back. If only we could keep that surface clear.

My husband took the big box of kitchen item donations to the thrift store on Sunday. And I took this little box yesterday. (Note, the gumball machine is actually from G’s room. He wanted the space back on his dresser.) 

Last Week’s List:

  1. Clean out final cabinets, the two under the sink. I don’t think this should take long as it’s mostly storage of cookie sheets and a few cleaning supplies. Not a lot of room there.  DONE
  2. Clean out last kitchen drawer. It’s a true junk drawer and I’ve been avoiding it. DONE 
  3. Clean out all the freezers. Upstairs, the deep freeze downstairs, and see if anything is lurking in the extra fridge freezer (we mainly use the extra fridge for water, drinks, etc). Almost Done. Upstairs Freezer is done. 
  4. Wipe down front of all the cabinets and appliances. Ha! Not even close. Yet.
  5. Look into getting cushions for the kitchen chairs. I looked into it but am still deciding whether I want cushions. So, I guess….DONE

This Week’s List:

  1. Decorate small white tree for Valentine’s Day
  2. Clean off small shelf above and below rolling pin. Funny I thought I had it on the list last week. Guess not.
  3. Clean off front and sides of refrigerator
  4. Tackle top of the refrigerator *shudder*
  5. Sweep and mop kitchen floor


As happy as I am with my kitchen progress, I admit I’ll be happy to switch my focus to a new room for the month of February. I’m still deciding on my February focus. Our bedroom is still in a bit of a remodel status so I’m not sure I want to go that route. Most likely, I’ll start in on the living room as well as the office/teenager hangout space in the basement.


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4 thoughts on “Home Love Plans For The Last Week Of January

  1. Jean Post author

    Thank you! Oh, the freezer is the ONLY place my husband will store the Reese’s peanut butter cups. Hope you’re in the middle of a great weekend!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Yes. I just keep opening my kitchen drawers and cabinets and staring in wonder because it all has a place. Never put them in the freezer before my husband but now that’s just where they go. LOL!

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