My Valentine Surprise Package

A few weeks ago, I took a deep breath and sent off an e-mail.  Add me in to the names for the Valentine’s Day package exchange.

Shortly after, I had my person’s name and began to assemble a package. Hoping, of course, they would like all their surprises. Not really thinking too much about what would arrive in my own package.

Last week, my package of Valentine goodies arrived. Colletta who blogs over at Colletta’s Kitchen Sink (and who hosted the exchange) had my name.  We were to include a list of our likes and dislikes when signing up for the exchange. I didn’t feel like I really put that much…favorite color (green) and would prefer no white chocolate (it’s not real chocolate you know and I don’t care for it).

Based on such limited information, I’m not sure how she figured out such perfect things for my Valentine’s Day box. Get ready for a bit of photo overload as I share what I got in this lovely box: 

First though…the cute card she forgot to put in the box: 

The card arrived in the mail on the same day and pretty much at the exact same time as the box!  Shall we open the box?  Wonder what’s inside….

The first surprise….was a beautiful crocheted shawl and in my very favorite shade of green! How did she pick my favorite shade of green? I love it!

Then, Valentine’s Day themed socks. I love fun socks and am excited to wear these to work!

And then..a super cute Valentine’s Day box!

Opened that box up to find these handmade coasters inside:

Let’s take a break for a cup of tea!

Wait, what about a little treat with that tea? Like one of the last couple of items in my box….

A few Hershey’s Kisses! Can’t go wrong with (real) chocolate! A small handful went great with my tea.

And finally, the last item from my fun Valentine’s Day box: Some fun stickers!

Such a fun box! I’ve always hesitated to do these types of exchanges being naturally a bit skeptical but this was lots of fun and I can only hope the recipient of the box I sent was as happily surprised as I found myself.

Thank you again for such a wonderful box, Colletta! And for hosting such a fun exchange.

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